Re:Beauty Launches New Skincare Product Line

By Re:Beauty, Special for  USDR

Re:Beauty™ ( is excited to announce the launch of its premiere skincare line, with plans for a full line of color cosmetics in mid 2016. Designed to optimize the skin’s natural cell power, Re:Beauty’sexclusive and proprietary scientific complex, “Re:VitaplexTM“, was engineered to deliver multiple skin-improving benefits that help correct, re:pair and re:verse signs of aging while inhibiting the degradation of  collagen.

The brand philosophy embraces a unique combination of biology and natural ingredients to deliver powerful anti-aging solutions in an effort to re:structure, re:pair and re:illuminate all skin types. The patented combination of purified and water-soluble plant-based ingredients coined “Re:Vitaplex”, is scientifically proven to help stimulate the growth of youth proteins, improve hydration and firmness of the epidermis and stimulate antioxidant and phytochelatin  production.

Re:Beauty’s team of chemists along with founder, Marcela Speert – long-time direct sales and skincare pioneer, spent seven years perfecting the products and developing the Re:Vitaplex complex before safely bringing it to market.  As former President of Mary Kay Cosmetics Central Europe and years following as a private consultant to direct sales companies, it’s thrilling to see Re:Beauty come to life,” says Marcela Speert, CEO of Re:Beauty. “I’ve leveraged years of contacts and expertise in scientifically formulated skincare products with powerful ingredients and international brand management to design a line of advanced anti-aging, luxury products that inspire radiance and  confidence.”

In addition to an evolving B2C model and encapsulating the brand’s mission of empowering women, Re:Beauty offers a direct-sales opportunity to entrepreneurs looking to achieve financial independence. With plans to re:shape the direct-sales industry, Re:Beautyprovides a highly competitive earning and business potential – unique to its competitors – and there are three ways to join. ARe:presentative is awarded the opportunity to make 100% on all personal sales and a discount of up to 50% on all products. AnAssociate works alongside a Re:presentative to earn free products and collect re:wards by hosting Re:Beauty Boutique parties. A Re:member receives 15% off all product purchases and free  shipping.

Re:Beauty is the only direct-sales company that credits re:tail profits to Re:presentatives’ accounts the minute the order is processed. Additionally, if customers place an order without being re:ferred by a Re:presentative, Re:Beauty assigns the re:tail profits to a pool that is shared among all qualified Re:presentatives at month’s end. One of the biggest perks? Re:presentatives are not re:quired to re:tain large amounts of inventory to re:main in the business – as this expense alone can single-handedly undermine income  potential.

The initial launch of Re:Beauty’s skin care collection includes the following  products:

RE:NEW | Gentle Cleanser with Re:Vitaplex: Cleans, tones, helps re:duce inflammation  ($35)
RE:EXFOLIATE | Exfoliating Cleanser: Unclogs pores, re:moves impurities, re:duces dryness  ($37)
RE:JUVENATE | Ultimate Anti Aging Serum with Re:Vitaplex: Helps diminish wrinkles, boosts collagen  ($65)
RE:VITALIZE | Lifting & Firming Serum: Improves sagging skin, re:duces dark spots, plumps skin  ($60)
RE:HYDRATE |Ultimate Hydration Cream with Re:Vitaplex: Deeply hydrates, helps diminish fine lines  ($65)
RE:TEXTURIZE | Luxurious Lift Cream: Improves skin tone, re:duces appearance of wrinkles & fine lines  ($85)
RE:STORE | Hydrating Eye Cream with Re:Vitaplex: Boosts collagen, elasticity, helps delay premature aging  ($53)
RE:FRESH | Moisturizing Overnight Mask with Re:Vitaplex: Aids in free radical damage, deeply hydrates  ($46)
RE:CHARGE | Brightening Face Mask with Re:Vitaplex: Lightens skin, increases plumpness, hydrates  ($46)
RE:BALANCE | Nourishing & Hydrating Pure Face Oil: Re:duces breakouts, re:balances oil production  ($32)
RE:VIVE | Whitessence Lightening Face Oil: Improves texture, brightens, helps boost collagen  ($35)

Re:Beauty products are for all skin types, free of parabens and harmful chemicals, never animal tested, and are re:cyclable and travel-friendly. To help the environment, individual products are never “packaged” or “boxed” and re:cyclable materials are used whenever  possible.

Re:Beauty’s color cosmetic line, expected to launch in spring of 2016 will feature 24 product categories with multi-tasking  properties.

About Re: Beauty

Re:Beauty™ is truly a one-of-a-kind brand designed for today’s modern woman; offering a collection of luxury skin care products scientifically formulated to re:juvenate skin using Re:Vitaplex, a proprietary complex. Re:Beauty proves its commitment to the environment by using plant-based ingredients and re:cyclable packaging. In an effort to empower women, promote confidence and financial independence, Re:Beauty offers a competitive career opportunity in direct  sales.

About Marcela Speert, Founder & President, Re: Beauty

Marcela’s extensive leadership experience in diverse global consumer retail and direct selling organizations will bring Re:Beauty to the forefront. As President of Mary Kay Cosmetics Central Europe and later experience with Herbalife, Virgin Cosmetics and The Longaberger Company, Marcela’s knowledge of the direct sales industry is unparalleled. As an independent consultant, working with Pepsi-Cola International, Colgate-Palmolive and Deutsche Telecom, Marcela drove brand recognition and significantly improve market share, volume and profits. As Vice President of Global Business Development at Aramark Corporation, she rebuilt a flailing infrastructure and ultimately reversed a $20 million loss to $3 million profit. She continues to advise The Blackstone Group, CCMP Capital, Oak Hill Capital and Cerberus Capital with focus on consumer products and direct  sales.

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