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By The Price of Business (1110 AM KTEK, Houston, TX is the sister radio program of US Daily Review and is Hosted by USDR Publisher and Managing Editor, Kevin Price).  These are interviews Kevin Price had with his contributors and guests. *Sponsored

An interesting discussion between Rajat Paharia and  Kevin on this segment of The Price of Business  on the Book “Loyalty” it’s based on these fundamental idea that you can take the fundamental things and motivate people and motivate them to perform better whether it’s customers or employees or partners but what’s actually changed is more and more of our lives have moved online and are being mediated by technology, our consumer life, our entertainment life, our finance life  or work life.  Check out that interview here.

Frank Vernuccio  on discusses   on what’s happening in the Middle East that’s dicey situation is getting worst by the moment.This situation in Syria which seems to be deteriorating by the second made more of a mess by the lack of any clear direction by the administration. Check out that interview here.

The average American or rather the minimum wage today is about a dollar less than what it was in 1963. So if you compare the 1963 dollar to the 2013, the reality is that it would be 8.50 versus the 7.50 that it is now. And of course it’s the American Dream of every human being to make minimum wage  rather than aspire towards success and frankly artificial wages regardless of what they’re setting at, they’re not based on productivity and the reality is that they don’t improve the quality of life of anyone. Mark Mix of the National Right to Work, a basic issue of liberty and freedom. Check out that interview here.

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