Republican Women Defend Alabama Immigration Law

By US Daily Review Staff.

It seems everyone is chiming in on Alabama’s controversial immigration law, including a prominent Republican women organization.

“Why would GOP leaders rush to change our immigration law that’s working so well that illegal aliens are self-deporting in droves?” asked Elois Zeanah, President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women.

Zeanah noted that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on the Arizona law, the model for Alabama’s law, in either May or June.  “It makes no sense to make any changes, major or minor, to the law until they know if any provisions are ruled unconstitutional — unless the intent is to weaken the law,” she stated.

“Republican Legislators should defend Alabama’s immigration law that’s under attack by the Attorney General and Senate Majority Leader by requesting that the House Speaker, President Pro Tem, and the Rules Committees oppose sending any changes to this law to the floor for a vote until after the Supreme Court rules.  I applaud Senator Gerald Allen for stepping up and requested that no changes be made until the Court’s ruling.  Where are other defenders of this law that 80% of voters support?” she asked.

According to Zeanah, Attorney General Luther Strange made recommendations to repeal key sections of the immigration law that encourage illegal aliens to flee Alabama.  Now Senator Gerald Dial is taking the baton and running with it.  Zeanah added that the revisions by the Attorney General seem to shown an unwillingness to vigorously defend the bill, as well as a strange desire to surrender in areas where the state is winning.

“While legislators took heat when writing the law, Luther Strange asked to be exempted from enforcing this law.  Now it appears he doesn’t want to defend the law either, but wants to make sure the law can’t be enforced.”  Zeanah also noted that while Senator Dial expresses humanitarian reasons for changing the law, he describes himself in his Senate profile as a “self-employed real estate developer.”

She stated, “Their recommendations remind me of the Biblical story of Samson, whose strength was lost when Delilah discovered the secret of Samson’s strength and cut his hair.  The proposed repeals would cut the strengths from our immigration bill and practically nullify this law.”

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