Rest Well in All Weathers in an Outdoor Life Sleeping Bag


When you’re sleeping in the great outdoors, you need to know that you’ll get a good night’s sleep whatever the weather. That’s what you get with an Outdoor Life sleeping bag.


The importance of a good sleeping bag when you’re outdoors can’t be underplayed, especially when you’re in harsh temperatures. It’s just one of the reasons why serious outdoor people choose to buy an Outdoor Life sleeping bag for their camping trips.

It’s not a secret that a good night’s sleep will leave you rested and better equipped for the day ahead, but in certain circumstances, it can actually be much more serious than that. 

When conditions worsen and the mercury on the thermometer drops into the minus zone, a good sleeping bag that’s rated for 0 degree conditions can literally save your life. As well as keeping you warm, when someone in your party is suffering with any sort of cold-weather injury, a good sleeping bag will give them the protection they need to keep them safe. 

An Outdoor Life Sleeping Bag Can Change Your Trip

As well as stopping you from being grouchy and otherwise irritable, a good sleeping bag will give you the rest you need to help you in the following ways:

  • A poor night’s sleep makes you susceptible to injury and infection as it doesn’t allow you to properly physically recover
  • Proper sleep ensures that your immune system stays strong – important if you’ve got a long hike ahead of you
  • Being rested puts you in the right mental head space for any exertions that you have planned during your trip away

Whichever way you look at it, you won’t sleep well if you buy a cheaper sleeping bag that doesn’t protect you from the cold. When you’re shivering next to your mate who’s sleeping soundly, you’ll understand the wisdom of the extra investment in an Outdoor Life sleeping bag.  

Temperature Can Vary For a Number of Reasons

There are many variables that determine the type of temperature you’ll have to deal with on your outdoor trip. Let’s see what they are

  • Overall weather conditions – whether it’s raining, snowy or humid
  • If you’re using a sleeping mat – as not using one means you’re likely to lose heat through the floor, as well as being really uncomfortable
  • How many layers you’re wearing inside – you shouldn’t overdo it, as putting on too many clothes can actually make you colder as the sleeping bag can’t keep you warm in the way it’s designed to
  • Whether you’ve gone to bed hungry – as hunger will likely make you feel colder

An Outdoor Life Sleeping Bag Is a Wise Choice

When considering your best choice for an outdoor sleeping bag, you can’t go far wrong when you opt for a quality product like those made by the near 125 year old company that is Outdoor Life. 

Throw into the mix the fact that the high quality sleeping bags made by Outdoor Life are long enough to cater for even the tallest camper and that two can be zipped together to create a double 0 rated sleeping bag and you get a product that’s an absolute must for people spending time in the colder areas of the world. 

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