Restoring Religious Liberty in Bulloch County


Liberty Institute is pleased with the decision of the Bulloch County Board of Education to issue a notice last week supporting its teachers’ and staff’s religious liberty. The Board, however, continues to unnecessarily prohibit the teachers’ and staff’s religious expression in their email signatures.

The Board’s action comes one week after hundreds of concerned citizens packed a Bulloch County Board of Education meeting to defend the religious liberty rights of teachers and students, and receipt of a demand letter from Liberty Institute raising the teachers’ First Amendment Rights and the potential expense of violating the religious freedoms of teachers and students. To view the demand letter online, follow this link:

“We are grateful to see the Board of Education in Bulloch County begin to restore the trust of its teachers and community by affirming their commitment to the religious liberty of its employees and students,” said Liberty Institute Attorney Jeremy Dys. “While the Board’s commitment to religious liberty will become more apparent by its consistent, future actions in support of religious liberty, today it is clear that they are listening to the voices of the voters who put them into office.”

Dys continued, “On the other hand, we are disappointed that the Board appears poised to unnecessarily close off an email signature line for any First Amendment expression in a country that values open dialog. The Board of Education is not required to shut down all First Amendment expression in the signature lines of district email accounts.”

In another area high school, the leadership of a student-led Bible study that is also represented by Liberty Institute announced a victory when school officials reversed a ban on students holding a weekly Bible study, posting scripture verses on a school bulletin board, and using the school’s name on t-shirts for their Bible study group.

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