Retirement Communities or Assisted Living? Your Choice

Living in a community but leading an independent life is what many seniors prefer for whom retirement communities are ideal. Since the goals of life change considerably after retirement, it becomes difficult to fit the lifestyle within the framework of the family especially for those who love to live independently. This is the time when seniors think about moving to a senior living community. You can choose a suitable community from the many types available.

Lifestyle retirement communities

Bringing like-minded people under one roof is the objective of this type of communities where you find people with a similar mindset and interests mixing and mingling together. Coming from a similar background and having almost identical mental and sexual orientation this place belongs to a homogenous group of people who lead independent lives.

Age restricted communities

Some independent living communities are for people belonging to some particular age group like there are communities for people who are 55 years and above. Again, there are communities for 50 plus and 60 plus groups. For couples intending to join age-restricted communities, at least one person must meet the age limit.

Senior living apartments

The concept of living in senior living apartments though similar to lifestyle communities offer amenities like housekeeping, community dining and emergency service for some extra payment. This is an affordable option for older adults because the maintenance is free.

All the facilities provide a safe and comfortable environment that encourages individual living.

Some seniors are unable to live life on their own because of the impairment of their capabilities in doing their daily work. They need assistance in varying degrees to go through their daily chores. However, they can still live independently to some extent with the support they receive. Help is available for meals, personal care, dressing, bathing and even taking medicines. In case of additional assistance, some facilities offer it free while others charge for it.

Residential home care

Residential care is like a home away from home as these privately owned communities have arrangements for accommodating 10 seniors only. As compared to conventional assisted living facilities, the care that individuals receive is more personal that gives a home like feeling even though they offer the same facilities of traditional community living centers.   However, this kind of living is expensive as residents must pay for certain care services that are not included in the package.

Memory care facilities

If a senior in your family is suffering from some cognitive impairment, then you must look for a facility that provides dementia care near you. These are specialized assisted living facilities created for people with special needs in memory care if they have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The assistance provided to the seniors with damaged memory helps them to enjoy some little bit of independent living in their own way. The facility offers a simple and structured environment that dementia patients need.

The health of seniors determines which kind of lifestyle they would be able to lead and can choose the community living that best meets their expectations and needs.

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