Revolutionary IPhone Case Kickstarter Crushes Expectations

By Alt, Special for  USDR

In just three weeks, mod-3’s new minimalist iPhone case, Alt, has smashed their Kickstarter expectations, with over $42,000 in pledges from nearly 800   backers.

Alt is a fresh take on iPhone cases, adding a magnetic mount on the back of the case while making the design even less invasive than its predecessor, RADIUS. This case is especially for those wanting to retain the iPhone’s exterior design, yet unable to bear the thought of possible  damage.

The campaign has been running for 24 days with backers enthusiastically commenting their excitement. Comments such as: “This looks beautiful and very sleek – Can’t wait to get it.” and “Great idea and  project.”

Alt is barely visible from the front of the phone, while the frame across the back beautifully complements the design of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus. Sleek yet sturdy braces form an ‘X’ across the back of the phone, meeting in the center at the back, where a neodymium magnet sits. Every line, angle, and inch has been meticulously examined to fully protect an  iPhone.

After extensive research the mod-3 team identified the corners and the screen of the iPhone 6 as the most likely areas to incur damage. Using high-strength polymer (a staple on automobile parts) and inner cushions lined with aerospace-grade 3M padding, Alt is able to protect both screen and corners  effectively.

When asked about the minimalist design, Hendra Bong, Founder and Principal Designer at mod-3, said, “With Alt we wanted to introduce utility while keeping the case simple.  The world already has enough overly complicated  cases.”

While Bong and his team at mod-3 simplified Alt from their earlier RADIUS case (with the elimination of DIY assembly), they managed to add a new feature. The neodymium magnet allows iPhone owners to mount their phones onto different surfaces such as floors, walls, or even LCD computer monitors. Alternatively, the car mount allows owners to clip on the mount onto air vents keeping the device secure and accessible in your car, and allowing it to turn to any angle, so it works easily with landscape-oriented navigation  apps.

“RADIUS was our first ‘minimalist’ case, but we wanted to do something different with Alt,” Bong said. “I came up with the idea of incorporating a magnetic mount after using too many adhesive or friction-based mounts that just don’t  work.”

Building around the magnet, the team created Alt – using it as an opportunity to create a case that addressed some of the feedback they received from RADIUS  owners.

Alt launched on Kickstarter November 4th with a limited early bird price of $25 for just the case and one wall mount and a regular price set at $35 for the starter package, which includes the case and two mounts (wall and car  mount).

In celebration of their campaign success, today mod-3 launched The Ultimate Mount Your iPhone Anywhere Contest to reward backers and fans. The contest asks participants to post photos on Twitter or Facebook showing the creative places they want to mount their iPhones using Alt. Six from the most creative, shared and retweeted images will receive The Ultimate Mount Your iPhone Anywhere Package, which includes an Alt case, 4x wall mounts, and 1x car mount. The contest will run until the end of the campaign, for more details visit the updates section of the Kickstarter  page.


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