Revolutionary New Drone: MMC and Its Hydrogen Battery

By MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co., Ltd.

Micro Multi Copters Aero Technology Co., Inc. (MMC), a world-class hardware developer for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has launched the HyDrone 1800 (HyDrone), its ground-breaking hydrogen-fueled drone. HyDrone’s alternative source of energy keeps it in the air for more than 4 hours, gives it a radius of up to 100km with a live video stream, and works in temperatures below -20  Celsius.

HyDrone’s 4-hour flight time and one minute charging time stand as the best long endurance solution yet. Hydrogen fuel solves all the shortcomings of a traditional LiPo battery. It is long-lived, unnecessary to recycle, harmless to the environment, functions in low temperatures, and provides 8 times longer flight time than a regular battery. The gas requires the constant presence of oxygen, but is not affected by low temperatures, thus expands the usage of drones into northern and southern latitudes. Transported at 13MPa, hydrogen gas is being compressed into the drone’s tank at 30MPa. The tank, designed with composite carbon fiber material, has been successfully tested from a 200m drop. The UAV’s shell is made of water/dust/fireproof carbon fiber, specially designed in MMC’s R&D center, expanding the UAV’s usage into not only in very cold, but also very hot   areas.

At the launch, Mr. Lu, MMC’s CEO, spoke of the actualization of alternative source of energy, hydrogen, and its drastic influence on the UAV industry. “MMC has started a new era of drone which will permanently change humanity.” He further explained that because it is fueled by hydrogen, HyDrone is a suitable answer to current problems fighting crime and terrorism. Due to HyDrone’s longevity and ability to reach distances of over 100km with constant video feed, Mr. Lu predicts significant improvement in current solutions, and even larger usage within the security, policing and inspection  industries.

Apart from the press and the VIP end-users, numerous foreign and domestic subject matter experts presented analyses of the HyDrone 1800 and general UAV developments in China. Mr. Lu pointed out the importance of Shenzhen as the center of world’s UAV industry and indicated that “Chinese-owned companies, with MMC on top, currently drive cutting edge trends in the UAV industry.” Mr. Chen, MMC’s CTO, also commented on the general importance of recent technological advancements in Chinaand their influence on the world. He ended his presentation by delivering MMC’s main focus in creating value for its clients — resolving specific work scenarios and pushing the limits of the UAV  industry.

About Micro Multi Copters Aero Technology  (MMC)

MMC is a leading industrial UAV company that has been perfecting the way people utilize drones for more than six years. MMC’s best-in-class solutions derive from more than 25% of its annual revenue invested in R&D. With its R&D centers in North Americaand China, it continues to empower companies and individuals with services and technologies that inspire innovation, enhance sustainability and boost business growth. These include solutions in power line transmission, firefighting, agriculture, police, military, surveillance and  security.

SOURCE MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co.,  Ltd.

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