Sad Milestone for Journalist Detained in IRAN

By The Rezaian Family, Special for  USDR

Today marks the 400th day since Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian was wrongfully arrested in Tehran, forcibly taken from his home, and brought to Iran’s infamous Evin Prison, where he has been held under terrible conditions ever  since.

Since his incarceration began in July of 2014, Jason has been subjected to months of harsh interrogations and solitary confinement. He has lost nearly 50 pounds and suffered several untreated infections, as well as significant physical mistreatment and psychological  abuse.

Jason’s brother, Ali Rezaian, issued the following statement on the family’s  behalf:

“Four hundred days ago, my brother’s life as a loving husband, devoted son and talented journalist was cruelly interrupted when he was illegally taken by Iranian officials. Now, instead of writing stories that highlight his admiration for Iranian people and their culture, Jason has been forced to live the nightmare of being an innocent man locked behind the bars of Evin  Prison.

“Jason’s wrongful imprisonment and drawn-out trial flies in the face of the rule of law and violates fundamental human rights that Iran professes to afford all individuals. For far too long the Iranian government has ignored its own rules and laws meant to protect citizens like Jason, as well as international treaties protecting journalists to which Iran is a party. The numerous trial delays and amount of time Jason has spent in jail without bail—which apparently is unprecedented for any foreign journalist—only reaffirm our family’s belief only reaffirm our family’s belief that he is being used for political purposes and that the allegations against him are completely baseless. My brother is a talented journalist, who was simply doing his job respectfully, following the guidelines set by Iran. Now is the time to set him free and reunite our  family.”

SOURCE The Rezaian  Family

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