San Francisco Named Most Charming City According to 'Cities We Love' Survey


Valentine’s Day makes us reflect upon our relationships – the good, the bad and the weird – and the experts at® have done just that for the relationships American travelers have with the most popular U.S. cities. Each city has its own unique personality that shines through just like the characteristics we look for in a soul mate. Here’s how Americans rate the ‘Cities We Love’:

  • Most Charming: San Francisco, the seventh most popular domestic destination for Americans according to the Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™), slightly edged out New Orleans to claim the title of “Most Charming”.

  • Most Likely to Settle Down: Opinions varied much more when it came to settling down with a city. Asked which city they could live in until death do them part, most respondents selected San Diego, Denver and Seattle, but no destination clearly came ahead of the pack.

  • Not Meeting the Parents: Americans were fairly decisive when asked which city they would most hesitate to bring home to their parents. Las Vegas, which attracts more Americans than any other U.S. city according to the HPI, beat out New Orleans, Miami and New York by a landslide.

  • Hardest to Break Up With: However, that doesn’t make leaving Las Vegas any easier, as it was picked as one of the hardest cities to break up with. San Francisco, New York and Denver were also among the most popular responses.

  • Needs Love: New Orleans joined Northeast destinations New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC as cities that need the most love.

About the Survey: Conducted by Google Consumer Surveys between January 25 – 31, 2014. Each question sampled at least 1,200 unique, randomly sampled internet users across the Google Consumer Surveys publisher network.

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