Saving South Carolina’s Sea Turtles

By American Honda Motor Co, Special for  USDR

As part of its ongoing efforts to support environmental initiatives in the communities where its associates work and live, Honda is highlighting a program to protect endangered loggerhead sea turtles in its new short film, “Generations: Sea Turtle Patrol of Edisto Beach State Park, SC.” The film – part of the award-winning Honda Environmental Short Film Series – explores the threats facing loggerhead sea turtles and the efforts of a passionate group of state rangers, marine biologists, and volunteers to protect critical sea turtle nesting habitat at Edisto Beach State Park. Watch now:

The film introduces Sea Turtle Specialist, Leah Schwartzentruber, and Park Ranger, John Greider – members of the team leading Edisto Beach State Park’s sea turtle conservation program. Sea turtles are one of Earth’s oldest creatures and among the most threatened due to a number of factors, including loss of habitat. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources began monitoring nesting activities in the 1970s after seeing a precipitous decline in the number of nesting loggerhead turtles. Research shows that only about one out of 1,000 hatchlings have a chance of surviving to adulthood – making conservation efforts vital for the longevity of  loggerheads.