See Bernie Run

A media wrap up.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he is announcing his candidacy of the United States.  That “I” after his name says he is an Independent, but the reality is he is the highest elected office holder of and socialist in the country.  He would simply call himself a socialist (he is certainly not ashamed of that), but a person with such an affiliation still cannot get elected to such a high office, even in  Vermont.

This is how the media is addressing his  candidacy:

Fox News  reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is set to announce his decision to run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency as soon as Thursday, according to multiple  reports.

Vermont Public Radio reported Tuesday that he was to announce his bid for the nomination on Thursday. The Associated Press also reported that the self-described socialist was planning on announcing a bid for the nomination, but did not specify a  date.

A Sanders spokesman told Fox News that an announcement was coming Thursday, but wouldn’t say what it was as “we have to keep some  suspense.”

A top Sanders aide also noted the senator had said previously that he would announce something by the end of the month – but wouldn’t comment  further.

A Sanders campaign would offer the liberal wing of the Democratic Party a progressive alternative… (read  more)

From  CNN:

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