Selective Outrage

By April Dye, Contributor, USDR

In the last month there have been so many stories that are just about selective outrage.
Let me make my point. What is one of the main reasons we are so angry at President Obama right now? For not following the constitution, rule of law and doing his own thing. The United States has laws and we want them followed. Rules help control  chaos.

Now we do not need laws for every little thing like the Dems like to do. But we should all agree that rules/laws are important to have things run efficiently and so we as a society are all on the same  page.
So here is where I have gotten so irritated and especially at the  Right.

There were several stories about students in school who were brought up in the news for consequences in not following school policy when it came to dress codes and  truancy.

This is my gripe about selective outrage. We all agree if there is laws they should be followed, I’m assuming that’s the case. Now there is a difference in following the rules at school and a school teaching my kid liberal theology and want to preach to them the love philosophy of Islam  etc.

1st scenario. There is a kid at a school who has been consistently late. They have addressed the issue with the parent countless times to no avail. After the umpteenth time the student is given a timeout during lunch period where he is put at a table by himself (with privacy boards around him – more than likely so that the other kids can’t look at him and he not have to see them look at him). Now it was made aware to the family that this was going to happen or did happen as apparently grandma took a picture of it and of course brought it to the media’s attention.

The outrage at the school was absolutely ridiculous. Calling for the principal and administrators job and calling them both horrendous  names.

I don’t know if people are aware but it is mandated how many tardies students can have and that officers can actually become involved. If the parent is failing to comply what alternative does the school have, but to do something that might get the parents attention. And what about grandma? If she can go up to the school to take a picture why couldn’t she make sure the child was at school on time? Work it out people. When you decide to become a parent you have to make things work for the betterment of your children. If she couldn’t make it work then why not talk with the school and try and come up with a solution. Car pooling, something. I worked at a school, our principal always tried to help find solutions in areas that helped make the best out of difficult situations for the betterment of her students.

Second, there was a story that was going around about a little boy who went to school with a Mohawk and was told he couldn’t have it and he could come back when his hair followed the school’s dress code. The right went nuts because the mother or someone went to the press stating that her son had a “military” style haircut and they wouldn’t let him have it. The fact that she used that term had people calling this teacher and administrator un-American, idiots, and other foul names and demanding they lose their  jobs.

What happened to following rules? What happened to teaching our kids how to follow rules and being respectful towards those who inforce  them?

We gripe about thugs who cause themselves and others harm because they don’t respect authority and yet something happens at a school and these same people go “crazy”. We gripe about dems not following the rule of law and then if it is at a school or about a child we go ballistic and start calling the schools out for being liberal or nazi’s. Aren’t we the side that is for law and rules and taking responsibility for our own  actions?
Schools have dress codes, they always have. My mother told me stories of having to wear dresses/skirts and before school started they had to kneel and make sure their skirts touched the floor and she went to a public school.
Now when I went to school in the 80’s there didn’t seem to be a dress code. I saw mohawks all different styles and some at least 12 inches high and many different colors, there were bras for tops etc. (remember Madonna was all the rage) and yes it was all very  distracting.

I worked at an elementary school in the disciplinary department and because of the attitude these days of “positive behavior support” or as I always called it “bribing” kids to behave, teachers and schools hands are pretty well tied. They are so afraid of getting sued or blamed for bullying and having to teach to the test, that they are overwhelmed and have no recourse to get the kids to comply. Unless you go to a small school that still has corporal punishment – like where my kids go now and which was one of the criteria for my selection – the only option they have is time out.

We had parents furious because their kid had to do a time out. A lot of parents these days do not make their children have consequences for their actions and refuse to take responsibility and or want to blame another kid or teacher for their own child’s  actions.

I am so tired of reading stories of someone not following the rules and running to the media to get their 15 minutes of fame and people salivating to blame the ones just trying to do their  job.

Most places of work/businesses have dress codes. I know anywhere I worked has had one. So why should schools be different? Just like anywhere what someone might not think is offensive the way they wear it becomes offensive when someone else does and I’m not taking about size but when it comes to modesty. Such as why schools don’t want your girls wearing leggings or shorts. Some will wear a long shirt over them while others will not. Some will wear shorts that cover the hiney while others will have it hanging out. So let’s just not wear leggings/tights or shorts. Problem solved. Until a parent decides that there is nothing wrong with their child wearing it and decides to throw a fit and call the news and want to sue the school for discrimination even though it is stated in the handbook under dress  code.

Since the beginning of time there have been rules of some sort. Why can’t we just follow them? I’m not talking about rules that hurt others so don’t even go there. I am talking about dress codes for schools or places of business. I’m talking about teaching your kids respect for authority and the respect for others by following rules that keep us safe, hinder chaos and just general consideration for  others.

If there is a dress code just follow it. You can dress the way you want on your own time or if it is a restaurant or other place of business, like the young girl recovering from cancer who went to a bar that had a no hats policy and she didn’t like it and wanted an apology, just go somewhere else if you don’t like  it.

Why do we always have to demand an apology, or someone lose their job over our selective  outrage?

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