SEO Tactics for Small Businesses


Today, the world is largely digitally-orientated. Social media, the internet and smartphones allow us to connect with one another almost instantly, no matter the time zones or continents. This means small businesses have the opportunity to compete with the big names and the greats; making the playing field a lot more even for all businesses, regardless of  size.

However, as technology becomes more innovative and more implemented into our daily lives, small businesses need to adapt. This means lessening your focus (and budget) on old, traditional methods, and investing in modern approaches. SEO, although it has been around for a few years now, still proves to be a popular and successful approach. Many marketers see a return on their marketing investments (ROMI), and so, they are continuing to implement SEO into their marketing  tactics.

SEO is a fruitful marketing technique; however, it must be carried it appropriately. Bad SEO practices can not only ruin your brand’s reputation, but you can also become penalized; wasting your money and efforts. To ensure you’re getting white-hat SEO, you can look at reviews for professional SEO companies like The  HOTH.

If you’re thinking about implementing SEO into your marketing strategy, but need help understanding how it can increase your business’s success, continue reading for the best SEO  tactics.

Creative Content

Creative content can be incredibly beneficial to your company. Through creative content, you can incorporate keywords and your brand into useful content, targeting your demographics and increasing your search engine rankings. You can either place the content on your own website/blog, or you can ask bloggers to write content for your company on certain  product/service.

Content cannot be stuffed with keywords, and it also cannot be superficial. The content has to have something of value, and it must be informative and appealing. To attract loyal customers, you have to stay on topic and answer the questions your clients are asking. Too many keywords will also raise red flags, and Google will administer a  penalty.

You should also consider different mediums of content. Articles can be great, but video is proving popular amongst millennials. Video means you can speak to your audience quickly and effectively; while some people may be turned off seeing large bulks of writing, video can capture their attentions and keep them entertained. Forms of video content could be you asking a YouTube vlogger to endorse your brand and having them mention you or use your product in a video, or you can embed a video into your website. Use the video to introduce yourself personally or demonstrate a service or  product.


Briefly mentioned above, keywords are a way of making your website or brand more visible on the internet. With people Googling their problems or questions, they want speedy results and answers. You need to be highly ranked to capture the attentions of the person needing your product or service – many people will only click on the top three  links.

For successful keywords, you need to think like your customers/target demographic. What are they most likely to search for, and how can you work that into your website/content naturally and organically? For example, if you’re a clothing store catering to petite women, make sure to incorporate these “buzzwords” into your keywords. For one, you can use “clothing store for petite women,” as well as, “clothes for small women,” “where to find clothes for petite women,” and “dresses for smaller women.” You need a collection of keywords, and, ideally, they need to be descriptive and long tail, rather than a single word. People will type in exactly what they’re looking for; some may even type in a location, so, for example, “clothing store for petite women in New York” can further target your  demographic.

Link  Maintenance

Keep on top of your links. For your website, ensure all links are correctly labelled (incorrect anchor texts will only frustrate your customers), they’re not broken, and take you to the correct landing page. Good upkeep is important to your website; if it doesn’t navigate or flow effectively, or your SEO is incorrect, then your brand’s professionalism will be  tarnished.

Link maintenance for content going on another blogger’s site can be more difficult to keep on top of, however, make sure you do. Once your content is published, check their site and see if your keywords are correct; the anchor text is right, and that it takes you to the accurate landing page. If you’re hiring an SEO company to write and post your content, then they’ll ensure everything is in good working  order.


Your website is incredibly important to your business’s professionalism; it must be user-friendly, navigate well, and be well-designed. Your products/services must be easily found and bought, and the experience should be speedy and informative. Regarding SEO, your website must include certain keywords, links, and correct page categories. For example, in your ‘about me’ page, include keywords relating to your company’s industry and what they can offer you; also mention your  location.

Make sure not to overstuff your content with keywords – Google will flag you for this – and keep advertisements to a limit. Your pages must also not be heavily  tagged.

Stay  Knowledgeable

The SEO game hasn’t changed drastically, however, ensuring you stay knowledgeable means if any changes were to arise, you can quickly implement them into your SEO marketing strategies. Most notable changes for 2017 include Google’s ‘Fred’ update. ‘Fred’ made sure to tackle keyword stuffing, irrelevant content, and website which are ad heavy. Basically, companies which strived for revenue over good-quality, relevant and organic copy found their Google rankings drop, meaning they now have to carry out more white hat practices than black  hat.

Ask for  Help

SEO isn’t the easiest to understand, however, it is useful when trying to increase your brand’s online visibility. If you’re struggling with SEO, or you’re a small business yet to use this marketing strategy, hiring professional SEO companies to oversee your business’s SEO can prove to be beneficial. After all, digital marketing is here to stay, and with more people turning to the internet as a means to search for products/services/answers to their questions, it would be wise to put your SEO white hat  on.

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