Shaving Guide for Men: Benefits of Going Completely Bald

Whether it is genetic causes or excessive hair fall during the onset of adulthood, taking the decision of shaving your head completely bald can be an overwhelming one. After all, hair is something that determines the overall attire and adds elegance to the personality of a man. This is the reason why men invest a lot in styling their hair and keep it in shape to showcase their impressive personality in front of the world. However, not everyone has the same genetic build up or has the luck or desire to style their hair. According to a survey, most men in America and the European continent prefer going completely bald after a certain  age.

It might seem an odd desire, but you will be convinced of the decision after going through the amazing benefits that come with shaving completely bald. Take a look at some of  them:

Add Years to Your Personality and  Appearance

The male pattern baldness or premature hair loss is one of the biggest reasons of most men opting for the permanent fix which is to shave their head completely bald. As a matter of fact, this is the best way through which you can counter such progressive hair fall condition because, after a certain point in time, your hair will lose its quality by turning thin and falling off eventually from the temple and the crown. By shaving your head, not only you can face the inevitable and restrict drawing the attention of the world towards the affected areas, but you can also create a more masculine look. This can boost your confidence and bring more youthfulness to your  look.

Grabbing the Feminine  Attention

With action movie stars and popular TV faces going bald over the years, it is no wonder why women in the contemporary age find men with bald shaven head enduringly attractive. This has everything to do with psychology and science which state that most women find bald-headed men more attractive, viable, and see them as potential life partners. All you need is the best safety razor for shaving your head and you will be drawing a lot of positive attention towards  you.

Lets You Save a Great Amount of  Money

As mentioned above, men tend to invest a lot in the maintenance of their hair in order to keep it in style and proper shape. From coloring the hair to applying a wide range of styling products, spending behind your hairstyle seems to be a never-ending affair. However, all of this can be avoided while still showcasing your masculine side and style by choosing to go  bald.

Flaunt Your Best Health  Features

Perhaps the biggest benefit you can get by taking the decision to go completely bald is that it allows you to display a clean, simple, and the original look of yours. Not only it provides you with the opportunity to flaunt your innate sense of fashion, but it also opens the gate for your facial features and beard to get some quality attention from people. Besides, according to some medical research, it has been cited that men with bald head tend to have higher testosterone levels compared to  others.


A cleanly shaven head will let you enjoy and experience the cool breeze during warm and humid weather conditions. If you are facing a hair fall situation or finding it difficult to maintain your hair, keep these amazing benefits in mind and take the right  decision.

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