Shipping Agent, Inchcape Shipping Services, Opens up in Georgetown, Guyana

Inchcape has established itself as one of the leading companies in the maritime services industry. It has over 260 offices in 68 countries with an ever-growing team of over 3000 professionals including contractors. They cover 2500 ports worldwide with 85% coverage of all global ports. There is a great focus on universal compliance for Inchcape.  One of the keys to success for Inchcape as a shipping agent has been its ability to provide the same standards of excellence to any region of the world. The company is under the leadership of Frank Olsen. Frank is a firm believer in transparency and integrity in business to establish Inchcape as a trusted partner in maritime solutions. He is also a great believer in the importance of digital technology. The aim is to use the huge amount of data available to offer business insights to the clients so they can optimize their costs and operations.

The role of a shipping agent is to be the representative for the ship’s owner and charterer in port. The shipping agent is responsible for a variety of port services including booking of vessel entry and exit through the port, completion of paperwork for vessel clearance, supervision of load and discharging of cargo, the supply of spare parts and supplies and more.

Inchcape Shipping Services recently announced, through a press release, that they have opened a new office in Georgetown, Guyana. This office will serve as a key platform for its team in Central America.  The port coverage includes Linden, New Amsterdam, Georgetown and Liza Destiny FPSO. The region of Central America is going through a phase of remarkable growth in the geological exploration and offshore extraction of oil and gas reserves. Inchcape Shipping Services’ expansion into the region is an indicator of their commitment to deliver excellent client service and establish long-term relationships in the region.

The Georgetown office will be under the leadership of Mr. Kishan Ramoutar, who has extensive experience in the industry and the region. In addition to exploration and offshore services, Inchcape is prepared to deliver on spare parts delivery, ship supply, vessel husbandry services and coordination of bunkers in the tanker, dry bulk, and liner categories. 

Through another press release, Inchcape announced an expansion of services in Singapore. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has confirmed their approval to grant a bunker survey company license to Inchcape. The license will commence from February 2020. This allows the Inchcape marine surveyor to enhance their Bunker Optimization product and deliver bunker survey activities in the region. The marine survey team in Singapore is licensed and trained to do bunker surveys and support any additional requirements. The local team in Singapore is part of Inchcape Global Marine Survey and Inspection division.

The Bunker Optimization product offers a bundled solution to the clients including a combination of bunker agency, bunker survey, and costs related to the launch. In addition to providing clients with a simplified solution, benefits of the bundled product include cost savings for the client, providing standardized reports and offering a corporate compliance focus.

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