Simple Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost the Value of Your Property


If you’ve been following our articles on property trends, you will notice that the property market in 2017 will be an interesting scene to explore. There are more investors looking to get into private and commercial properties for various reasons, which means the value of property will soon be rising again. As the market gets livelier, you will also find selling your property and finding a new one to invest in to be more exciting as  well.

Before you start putting your property on the market, however, it is a good idea to do some home improvements to boost its value. These next few projects and ideas will help you get  started.

New  Entrance

The front door of your property needs to present the right first impression for it to be effective. It doesn’t stop at the front door either; the front yard as well as other elements greeting future buyers into the property can have a huge impact on the value of the property itself. Fortunately, there are a number of interesting DIY projects you can do to improve the front of your property in an  instant.

Adding exterior lighting is among the first projects you should try. There are newer LED lights available that work really well for exterior lighting. They are relatively affordable and can be installed without special skills. You can also add lights to your front yard to make it more beautiful at  night.

Another great project to do is repainting the front door and the exterior trim of the house. Some colors work better for this purpose. You can experiment with different color combinations to create different moods too. A bright blue or teal works especially well when paired with a classic brick wall and wooden  accents.

Last but not least, add a few touches of green to the entrance to make it fresh and inviting. Plants and flowers work really well for this job, especially when they are organized to match the colors of your exterior  trim.

Kitchen  Improvements

Another room that is worth investing in is the kitchen. A lot of today’s property buyers make their purchase decisions based on how beautiful the kitchen is. Boosting the look of your kitchen can help increase your property value by a long way; it is definitely a home improvement project worth investing  in.

Replacing the backsplash of the kitchen with a beautiful material is a great way to start. Thanks to technologies such as the laser cutter machine, it is much easier to use different materials to replace the backsplash in your kitchen. You can, for instance, use pegboard or plywood covered in fabric to introduce a different look  altogether.

You can also play with different countertops to create different looks. Again, different materials can now be laser cut with precision, which means you can simply measure the surface and have any material you like ready to be installed in no time. Since the new surface is cut precisely, installing it and altering the look of the kitchen is easier than  ever.

More  Lights

Not all properties are designed to allow plenty of natural light to enter. If you want to make a room brighter and warmer, but you don’t want to invest in more windows and other heavy projects, adding artificial lights is definitely the way to go. Aside from the exterior lights we talked about earlier, there are other DIY projects that will help you make a room brighter without substantially increasing your energy  bills.

Installing a dimmer switch to work with existing lights can help alter the mood of a room entirely. You can still use LED lights to stay energy-efficient, but make sure you install LEDs that are dimmable and use a dimmer switch that works with the newer LED lights to get the desired effect. You can also use LED lights designed to mimic different lighting setups, such as lights that look like candles when  used.

Alternatively, you can go with smart lighting setups for an even greater effect. Products such as Philips Hue enable homeowners to introduce more colors and different moods to a room just by using smart lights. Even better, these lights can be controlled using nothing but your smartphone. Potential buyers will certainly love the high-tech touch these smart lights bring to the  house.

These are some of the home improvement projects you can try if you’re serious about boosting the value of your property. They are also great for making the house more comfortable and warm. Before you put your property on the market, be sure to give these projects a try  first.

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