Singapore Visa Types


Singapore is a favorite country from a job point of view. Not only the nationals but also the foreigners take an interest in good jobs there. Singapore provides a versatile platform for everyone including educated people as well as the people who are knowledgeable in some skills. They can enjoy good pay for utilizing their skills on the job. Singapore provides a great environment for work where foreigners feel safe and can focus on their aims and objectives. But now, the Singapore government has made some qualifications requirement for working visas, which is a complex  undertaking.

Singapore does have working visas which fit any of the categories of the employee based on different kinds of skills and pay. Every type of visa is balanced with some of the benefits. However, it is now difficult to get Singapore working visa because their government has imposed some limits which do not allow companies to hire many foreign employees. But nothing is impossible; you can apply through a proper channel which may land you your desired position in Singapore. If you are interested and want to travel to Singapore, then you can contact One Visa immigration and incorporation they will guide you further through the process of applying for your visa for  Singapore.

We are listing and describing the types of visas which used for traveling to  Singapore.

  1.       EMPLOYMENT PASS: Employment pass visa is a type of visa which is for people who are part of a highly skilled and educated workforce. This type perfectly matches professionals, managers, executives and other business stakeholders. Further, the government of Singapore has divided employment pass into three subcategories which depend upon the salary and the skills.
  •         P1 type, which was developed for the outstanding talents who have enough experience in the field to receive an 8k+ SGD salary monthly.
  •         P2 model, which is for those who have a few years of expertise in the field, taking a minimum of 4k+ SGD salary monthly.
  •         Q1 type, which is for the youngest talent who just graduated from their universities and are looking for jobs. They get a minimum of 3k+ SGD monthly in their newly started career.
  1.       PERSONALIZED EMPLOYMENT PASS: Personalized employment visa type was developed for the professionals who are earning a handsome amount. PEP best suits the executives and directors who are willing to provide their expertise to the newcomers in Singapore. This visa needs a much higher amount of salary in comparison with the EP employment pass which is a minimum of 18k+ SGD with some other restrictions.
  2.       S PASS: This type of visa is specifically designed for the industries like engineering, chemicals, electrical and construction. It is not like Employment Pass, and it is a premium Personalized employment pass which entails restrictions of the overseas worker levy and the quotas.
  3.       WORK PERMIT: The Work Permit is developed for unskilled laborers from Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and so forth. They provide employment in departments like services, manufacturing, processing, etc.

Every country has their standards and their visa policy, and here we discussed the visa types of  Singapore.

We hope this will help you gain a better understanding of various visa types in  Singapore.

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