Six Financial Tips from Vampires

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From planning for the future to self-improvement, the latest article by “Zombie Money Survival Kit: 6 Tips from Vampires” lays down the key points why zombies are lagging behind their monster counterpart in lifestyle and assets.

The creatures may be fictional, but the reasons are as real as why rich people get richer and the poor seem to wander endlessly in search for, no, not human brains, but financial freedom.

Comparing the life and death of both vampires and zombies in the movies, television and games across generations, the article highlights the patterns on how vampires and zombies act and achieve their goals.

Both creatures need to survive. Both feed on humans. Both are almost immortals. But both live very different lifestyles. For one, intelligence is a huge advantage, the article says, but it doesn’t stop there. Like in real life, some things are more important than intelligence, such as common sense. The article explains why.

The article also puns about zombies’ lack of goals and commends the vampires’ confidence in their actions, among others, and how they allude to real scenarios. Some of the highlights include:

  • Not over using the resources, an indictment on how humans abuse the environment that leads to more deadly calamities
  • Learning to diversity as a reminder how today’s volatile economic trends can wipe out one’s savings if we’re not careful
  • Getting out of paycheck-to-paycheck rat wheel, the sad situation of many middle and lower classes today

Aside from the financial advice, the article is a good recollection of the different vampire and zombie movies and series and their characters, reminding us, perhaps, that we see ourselves in both creatures.

More details about what vampires can teach zombies (and you) to make it big in life can be gleaned in the “Zombie Money Survival Kit: 6 Tips from Vampires” article by

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