Slide to Safety: Oregon Shooting Inspires New Form of Safety Measures


Blair White, Founder and CEO of Slide To Safety, has vowed that the 6 second rapid evacuation slide (RES) will be our United Plan to help evacuate children and loved one’s in emergency situations, including but not only limited to active  shooters.

Slide To Safety has invented this system based on the time tested and long used evacuation slides that have been in commercial airlines for decades. Slide To Safety has the ability to retrofit preexisting structures and be incorporated in to new construction. Slide To Safety RES can be implemented up to four stories in any structure. Students and staff will be able to escape a dangerous situation within 6 seconds of  deployment.

Blair White and everyone at Slide To Safety is calling on the government and all those in power to stand up and realize that the measures we have in place today aren’t working. Since “Duck and Cover” in 1951 until present the adage of shelter in place has proven time and time again to not be effective. Slide To Safety RES will allow students, teachers, and our loved ones the means to escape an emergency situation in a way that will revolutionize the safety in  schools.

Blair White was quoted once as saying “We like to think of Slide To Safety like an airbag in our car, we hope we never have to use it but we are sure glad to have it when the time  arrives.”

Now is the time that people in power act in a bipartisan manner, put aside party differences, and implement real world solutions that can change the outcome of such horrific events like where have witness of the past fews days in  Oregon.

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