Smart Home Technology That Won’t Break the Bank


A smart home automation system can feel intimidating for people entering the marketplace for the first time, or anyone just trying to give their home a technology boost. According to Home Advisor, the national average spent on a home automation system runs $1,226 and a typical range can topple  $2,033.

Don’t let the idea of spending thousands on your smart home setup keep you from trying out some of the latest systems and gadgets. From a smart switch to control your home to a smart assistant, these five gadgets will keep your budget in check and your home  smarter.

Get a smart switch

It’s really not that expensive to control the outlets in your home, and you can do it without spending hundreds of dollars on a central smart home hub. Instead, just plug in your devices, appliances and hairdryers to a Wemo Smart Switch. Install the Wemo app to your favorite smart device and turn everything off and on when you’re on the go. You can even control your fan or bedroom lamp without leaving the comfort of your  bed.

Use wire-free home security systems

Keep your home smart and safe at the same time without the big price tag. Lorex Technology’s security camera systems are easy to install and let homeowners get up and running on their own without the need for costly cabling and installation. What’s more, their high-tech systems can be viewed remotely on your mobile  device.

Create a smart climate

A smarter climate for your home can take the guesswork out of the perfect temperature whether you’re at work or gathering for a family dinner. The Nest thermostat learns your habits and can adjust itself to keep your home at the most optimal  temperatures.

And according to reporting from Nest, their smart home automation products saved people an average of 10 to 12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills. That means in just two years, the Nest can pay for itself and keep you saving  long-term.

Cook on the go

Smart home appliances like a refrigerator that tells you when you’re out of bread and milk while you’re grocery shopping can cost thousands. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to adding smart technology to your kitchen. The Crock-Pot slow cooker with WeMo connects to your device so you can change the settings for tonight’s dinner when your plans change. Tweak the temperature or cook time or turn it off completely even if you’re across  town.

Get a smart assistant

Smart assistants are all the rage but don’t always come with a friendly price tag. However, the Amazon Echo Dot is perfect for budget-minded homeowners who want the convenience of a high-tech smart assistant. Powered by Alexa, the Echo Dot can order items for you from Amazon, set timers, look up tonight’s dinner recipe and control the smart gadgets in your home. You tell the Echo Dot what to do and it answers. But the best part is probably the price tag of as little as  $50.

Going smart doesn’t have to mean going broke. Slowly integrate some smart savings into your home while enhancing the convenience smart home technology offers. You’ll probably wonder how you ever lived without a home that cools itself and an assistant that orders this week’s groceries off of Amazon Fresh for  you.

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