Smart Tips for Defining a Thesis Title

We provide several smart ways to determine the title of the Thesis as well as other scientific assignments. We summarize these smart tips in some points:

1. Make a title that is in accordance with the Interests / Basic Interest

Please note why I give the first point to adjust the title with basic interests. That’s because when we do or do something, it is caused by strong interest. This interest is built on the existence of a mental drive from within us.

How can we be willing to do something if we just don’t like it. What exists if this is forced is only half-hearted workmanship. Your totality will be hampered.

Sometimes people don’t dare to do anything because they don’t recognize that we have hidden strengths in each of us, the strength that makes us willing and brave to take action. Not only in wishful thinking. Underlying is how we view things.

By determining the title in accordance with your interests, this will increase the gain interest or reason to do something and be responsible later on for the title that you specify by doing scientific work.

2. Adjust to ability

Each title must have advantages and disadvantages. The easiest example: Distinguishing between quantitative and qualitative requires a different approach. Those who do not master statistical figures are advised to use a qualitative approach.

Another example, those who cannot access the data source in detail should not need to take the title related to the strategy.


Research related to strategy, whether it uses the SWOT approach, Balanced Score Card, or others requires in-depth observation and interviews with many parties. This all requires coordination with certain agencies or organizations to gain access to data sources. Another example is the selection of titles based on ability, for example you who are struggling daily with improving employee performance should determine the title of the thesis on how to improve employee performance, no need to examine other themes that you have not mastered. Here I am trying to make you aware that a quality title with quality material cannot be obtained from reference only. This involves you in discovering something new.

3. Imagine the benefits of this research for your organization or for the benefit of the community

The results of this study are not just a prerequisite for achieving findings from weighted papers. But ideally it can make a real contribution to the organization or institution where you work or to the wider community.

4. Look for references that support
This reference is actually the second step in determining the title once you are sure that the title has been established. This reference is carried out to support scientific work up to the writing. It is impossible for us to write scientific papers without material basis.

5. Sharing

By sharing, you will get advice and criticism in the decision to determine the title. By sharing you know the weaknesses, weaknesses, strengths and strengths of the titles that you make from other competent sources, are considered competent because the people who are the source of sharing are people who know the material in the title that you create and your own behavior.

6. Just do it

Start acting little by little on your title, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And in the process later you will understand how to act and your title is definitely completed / determined easily, it is not possible to recklessly do this, right, so act now for your title. And for your info, opening this link: can help you understand how to make thesis from the perspective of professionals.

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