Smoking Facts You need to Know


Smoking is a worldwide phenomenon that just seems to have slipped out of anyone’s control and today there are so many smokers worldwide that’s impossible to keep count. Most people know the basics or the most common facts about smoking but there are some very intriguing things that most people don’t know about smoking. Do you want to know more about smoking and smokers? Read this article on the subject and find out some things you would have never thought possible.  With smoking being at an all time high when it comes to popularity, it’s no wonder many migrate to sites like

Their first  cig

With so many smokers in the entire world, it’s obvious that there are a lot of “first cigarette” experiences out there. But you probably didn’t know that every single day, there are close to 4000 teenagers that go through that  experience.

Massive  profits

The cigarette industry is one of the most lucrative one in existence. To back up these claims, we provide a mind blowing number: An average smoker in the United State will spend more than a thousand dollars every year on cigarettes. The smoking experience will make them pull out even more out of their pockets most of the times, with total expenses climbing as high as 3000  dollars.

Massive  costs

As lucrative as the smoking business is for cigarette companies, it’s just as costly for the government. The US for example spends over $300 billion (no, that’s not a typo) as a result of smoking. That money goes to healthcare but also to loss of  productivity.

A confusing  phenomenon

One of the weirdest things about smoking is that it’s totally legal for minors to smoke them. You wouldn’t think that since they aren’t allowed to buy them. However, while they’re not allowed to purchase them, they are able to smoke them. This isn’t some remote corner of the world trend either, as this is how things are in the US and Europe  partially.

Keeping the counter  high

We touched on how many people have their first cigarette every day, but even more frequenters join them and each day there are more than 15 billion (again, not a typo) cigarettes lit every  day.

Rocky  start

The act of smoking had quite a bumpy start in the rest of the world, as the first Europe that started smoking was thought to do so by the natives. When he joined his own people, he got arrested because people thought he was  possessed.

Apples and cigarettes don’t go  together

Apple doesn’t stand for people’s vices, and so its products have an interesting warranty clause. If you smoke near an Apple computer, it actually voids the  warranty.

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