Social Distancing Measures to Take if You are Moving

The coronavirus pandemic has brought much of normal life to a standstill. All the same, to a certain extent, life must go on. From weddings to vacations, countless big life plans have had to be postponed because of the virus. Moving is another big change that, in many cases, has had to be put on hold. Now, as the county begins to re-open, some of these long-delayed moves are finally starting to take place. But, even though moving is now technically possible, it is still important to follow social distancing guidelines and do everything you can to stay safe. This means there are some measures you should take that you wouldn’t normally consider for a move. These six tips will help you maintain social distancing while making a big move.

If Possible, Go the DIY Route

The goal when moving during the pandemic (or doing anything during the pandemic, for that matter) is to minimize as much as possible your contact with other people. The best way to do this is by doing everything yourself. Whereas you would normally hire a moving company to make your life easier, consider taking multiple trips and doing the move yourself. You might sweat a bit more than you’d been planning, but the sense of accomplishment will be all the more acute once you are settled into your new home.

Use a Portable Storage Box

This is another great way to minimize contact with other people, because it eliminates the necessity to go in and out of a storage unit in a shared public facility. These facilities are not usually crowded, but they still pose a risk of unnecessary encounters with other people. With a portable storage box, you’ll complete an initial transaction to begin the rental, but you’ll be on your own from there on out.

Disinfect Any Rented Equipment

If you rent a storage box, a moving truck, or any other equipment, make sure you properly disinfect it before use. While all rental companies should be practicing good hygiene, you don’t want to put your health in other people’s hands. In a moving truck, for example, give the steering wheel, door handles, and other commonly-touched surfaces a hearty wipedown before you drive off. As a courtesy to others, you should repeat this process when you return the equipment after your move.

If Using a Moving Company, Keep Your Distance

If you need to hire a moving company, then be smart about your interactions with employees. This is not the time to be slapping backs and shaking hands, now matter how much you appreciate their work. Maintain six feet of distance between yourself and other people at all times. When you’re not needed, clear out and let workers do their job. If you are sick or fall into a high risk category, you might want to consider staying away from the process altogether. Put a friend or relative in charge and keep yourself isolated, for your own safety and for the safety of those on the crew.

Stick to the Supplies You Have

You might normally stock up on new boxes and organizational tools before a move. With a pandemic continuing to threaten, however, you’re much better off skipping this non-essential step. The move might not be as convenient as you want it to be, but you’re much better off making extra trips to the car than getting sick.

Prioritize Good Hygiene Throughout the Moving Process

Whether you take the aforementioned measures or not, the single most important thing you should do while moving is prioritize hygiene and sanitation every step of the way. Every interaction with another person, whether at a moving company or a rental agency, should be preceded and followed with hand washing or the application of hand sanitizer. Never shake hands with anybody, and avoid touching your face at all times.

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