Some Light-Weight Jewelry Options

The winters are almost over and we have already entered into the second week of January. Time just flies right? So why shouldn’t you live your life to the fullest. Come check out our latest designs and treat yourself to a nice pair of earrings or necklaces. Today we will be talking about some light-weight items of jewelry which can help you stand out and make you look gorgeous. A light-weight jewelry can be worn in every type of occasion and is perfect for wearing with winter wear. Since during winters we are already stuffing our bodies with so much heavy clothing, adding more unnecessary burden by wearing heavy jewelry makes no sense. So try wearing light items of jewelry and free yourself from this burden today. However do note some of these light-weight items of jewelry are not for everyday wear and at best suitable for semi-formal occasions. 

Here are some points to note while buying light-weight items of jewelry:

    • Don’t Over Do it: It is good if you are trying to make a statement, but do not do it too much. Try to keep it simple. A beautiful shungite earring can make you look distinguished and elegant without much fuss. Such is the deep black carbon color, that people will be memorized when they see you. Shungite is a rare earth stone but relatively affordable than others, and it also has some healing properties. Sterling silver best matches a shungite stone but it can also be worn along with gold too; depending upon the outfit.
  • A Good Bracelet: Ever heard of the saying? ‘Nothing Beats A Tennis Bracelet’. This is a classical saying that has been going on for decades. A good diamond bracelet can go a long way to compliment your overall look. Sterling silver is the best chain material for a diamond tennis bracelet, however if you want to try a bracelet with american diamond then go for a rose gold chain. A rose gold chain is such a sweet color that people will simply go awe in your radiance. A tennis bracelet does not weigh much so it is an easy recommendation for someone who is looking for something in the light-weight yet bold category.
    • A Stone Necklace: Necklaces are inherently heavy but if you go with an amethyst necklace then it would do the trick, for it is comparatively lighter than other similar stones. The deep color of the stone will further enhance your look; provided you wear it with other matching accessories too. An amethyst stone is a heavy looking one so try to mix it with nothing else and wear light colored outfits along with it. However if you are going for a bridal look then pair an amethyst with a gold chain for the best possible look. If you are targeting a semi-formal event then go for a sterling silver chain.
  • Something Similar Yet Different: Diamonds are a rare earth carbon based mineral, everybody loves them. But did you also know that diamonds can be lab made. These are called Strontium Titanate. They look almost similar to diamonds but are relatively affordable. And since they were lab made their shapes and sizes are almost perfect too. If you are on a budget and desire to buy a diamond ring but cannot due to budget constraints then a strontium titanate will be a nice recommendation for you. Use it the same way you wear a diamond ring without any worries of scratches, since it is lab made. 

Also there has been a trend in the bridal community lately. Due to the higher cost of diamonds, strontium titanate rings are being used as engagement rings; and since they look alike too, the difference is hardly noticeable. You can wear a strontium titanate ring with pink gold material or sterling silver;depending upon your outfit, but if you are asking around, everybody will say that it goes best with sterling silver; that’s just personal opinion.


There is no dearth of jewelry items in our shop, but there is a limited supply of money, so try to prioritize your shopping by buying only what items of jewelry you need for your collection. Also you can use our installment payment feature to buy any items of jewelry and later pay in equally divided monthly installments. But do remember spontaneous shopping most often leads to regret later, so read our blogs to understand what type of jewelry suits who and then buy what you desire. During our recently concluded holiday sale several jewelry items were on sale at attractive discounts, but in case you missed them do not worry, for the valentine’s sale is still here to come. Save money and buy your loved one some jewelry this love season.

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