Spruce Up Your Living Room With A Custom Wood Coffee Table


Your coffee table is a chance to put your personality on display in your home, whether you prefer a minimalist look or you’re keen to show off all of your flea market finds. Wicker trays make it easy to clear off decorative accessories when you have company and flowers always bring life to a room. But it all begins with the table itself, as you can make a major statement with a well-chosen, custom wood coffee  table.

There are several different styles of wood coffee tables that a person can use to spruce up their living room. One option is to go with a rench Country look, using oak and a white stain. Oak is often used for coffee tables because it is very beautiful and durable. Most people like oak because of the natural grain that the wood has, while lighter stains like white, grey, and driftwood have a rustic quality that will look perfectly quaint. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it clashing with any of your other furniture, as it’s a versatile  look.

Another option is to make a bolder statement with reclaimed wood in your kitchen or dining room, such as the live edge table made by Woodcraft in Toronto. Live edge tables are popular in cafés and restaurants today and you can bring some of that edgy appeal into your home with the right table. Look for legs made out of recycled industrial metal for a truly authentic industrial  look.
Thirdly, cherry is a popular option for wood, because of the warm, deep colour it has. Cherry is a unique material to use because of the way that it matures. When it’s freshly cut, it will typically be a light, white wood with a pink, “cherry” blush running through. As it matures and becomes exposed to sunlight, the wood will darken into a warm, ruddy brown that’s prized by custom wood furniture owners, or you can give it a stain that will match the rest of your interior  design.

Once you have your new wood coffee table, let your imagination run wild with decoration ideas. Books make an excellent low base, while you can use all kinds of trinkets like boxes to store unsightly but necessary things like the TV remote. Use flowers, candles, or statuettes to add some flare and personality, or use plants like succulents that don’t need much space to  thrive.

When you’re looking for a new wood coffee table, explore all of your options. There’s a good chance you just won’t be able to find the one that’s perfect for your living room. That’s when you should consider calling a custom wood furniture company to make a table that fits your style and your space. In Toronto, a company like Woodcraft that makes custom wood furniture can offer a number of floor models and custom designs. You don’t have to settle for less with all of the options available to you  today.

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