Stage vs. Screen: A Look at the Big Differences


As a consumer, you might not really think about how an actor on stage is doing things a little differently compared to if they are acting on the big screen. Believe it or not, many of the big name actors that you know and love on the big screen have careers on stage as well. It does not matter if the stage is on Broadway or even a comedy stage for a professionally produced show, the acting is different. Here we are going to cover some of the differences and maybe you will notice them next time you see a stage show and compare it to a big screen  movie.

What You See and  Hear

If you are sitting in an auditorium and you are about to see a major production play, there is going to be a few slight differences in how the show is going to be portrayed to you. For one, what you see and hear are completely different compared to sitting in a theater about to watch your favorite movie on the big screen. The actors on stage are going to have to make more noise and really act out a body gesture for you to get the hint. On the big screen, a scene can be setup in such a way that you get the point right away and if not, the scene can be re-shot. On stage, you see it as it is happening and that is it. On stage, the camera is your eyes and you see everything. The big screen offers a closer shot and the perspective can be controlled even  more.

A lot More Acting Happens on  Stage

Even though acting on stage and on screen can be considered the same type of acting, in many cases, there is a lot more acting happening on a stage. Just having to be loud enough for all to hear and to make sure that all audience members are able to see your gestures and facial expressions is much more work. On stage, actors must have a strong, healthy voice that carries throughout, especially if the show is lower budget and microphones are not included. On screen, it is just take after take until the scene is right and so much can be done outside of the studio with post-production that it leaves more room for mistakes by the  actors.

Preparation is also a Bit  Different

Just like when you pull up to a movie theater, or an auditorium for a big stage show, the ticket offices are a little different. Preparation for the stage is different compared to that of the big screen productions. Being able to act in real-time really shows the talent of actors that can do both. There are so many hours of rehearsing the lines, where to stand, when to talk and react to bring a stage show together without any flaws. Being able to have as many takes as you need to get the “scene” is a major difference. Actors on screen prepare, but not in the same  ways.

Next time you are going to a stage show, make note of the differences that you can see compared to the last big budget film that you saw in a theater. You might be amazed to realize you have a preference for one over the  other.

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