Staying Active as Cold Weather Sets in

By Experient Health, Special for USDR.

Winter has arrived, and whether it’s a storm on the horizon or the dropping temperature, many people lack the motivation to go to the gym.

To fight those seasonal sedentary habits, Experient Health suggests in its latest post in its Living Well Blog series to follow a few simple suggestions to exercise in the safety, warmth and comfort of a home.

Clear space. Find or create an area with room move around.

“It doesn’t need to be too large, just enough space to avoid bumping into a lamp or falling over the coffee table,” wrote Experient Health, the health insurance arm of the Virginia Farm Bureau.

Keep it simple.

“The great thing about exercising at home is you don’t need complicated equipment,” according to the health education series by Experient Health. “Perform exercises that don’t need extra machinery, like push-ups, crunches or jogging in place, or be creative and use cans of soup or a gallon of milk as light weights.”

Think fun.

“Blast your favorite music…watch a movie or catch up on a sitcom series,” Experient Health wrote. “You don’t have to share the space with other gym-goers, so you have more freedom to make your workout time fun.”

Set the timer.

“Even though you’re working out in your living room, sticking to a routine is important,” according to the Blog post. “Pick a time that works, and don’t get distracted by dirty dishes or laundry that needs to be folded. Use your allotted time for exercise and avoid the temptation of taking a nap on the couch that’s only two feet away.”


For years, Experient Health, a Virginia Farm Bureau company, has helped people find the right insurance coverage and get the most for their health care dollars. The Richmond, Va.-based group is dedicated to providing high quality health insurance options to customers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. As a result, its consultants, with an average of more than 20 years experience, are intimately familiar with the states’ provider networks, products and regulations.

Representing the top national insurance carriers, Experient Health provides customers with multiple policy options designed to meet wellness needs and financial requirements.

Experient Health grew out of Virginia Farm Bureau and is a “hometown agency” in that it operates a network of more than 100 offices. However, it boasts the resources and technology of larger firms.

Consultants are available online, via phone and through their offices.

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