Stepping into Future of Cyber Security: Here’s What We Can Expect in 2020


Did you know that cloud computing is going to be the worst-hit by the hackers during the rest of the ongoing year? It’s bitter, but it’s true; cloud jacking is likely to surface as one of the significant cybersecurity threats in 2020. That means that online criminals would attempt to sabotage the most-used online resource in modern-day history. And, with desperate times come desperate measures. That means that our security solutions should be stringent to face any looming or upcoming threat.

If we look at it carefully, we will find that there is a spike relating to the cybersecurity measures. There have been warnings for online users to be careful about their confidential data. The focus has also been on online social media platforms. There have also been numerous attacks on the websites, with the hackers defacing them and leaving threatening messages. It is crucial to give attention to cybersecurity threats aimed at stealing your money from the bank. 

Many, many people around the globe fall to such traps after they receive a fraudulent email or message. Such emails or messages are criminally crafted, provoking the reader and prompting a call to action. In this scenario, we need to be well-versed with cybersecurity threats more than ever. The simple fact behind this is we can only be safe from something if we possess the knowledge about it. The more we know, the safer we will be. 

The question that arises here is about the learning resources for the purpose. One can frequently read magazines and journals dedicated to online security. But, to be certified, it would be best to enroll in an online Masters cybersecurity program and enhance the knowledge base. In the meantime, let’s discover some essential tips to know what more to expect during the current year. It will help us to be aware as we step into the future of cybersecurity. Let’s begin.

1. Enhanced Focus on Cyber Protection

When we talk about cybersecurity, then we see an enhanced focus on online protection. Different areas of tech are witnessing improved security measures to protect against seen and unseen threats. Irrespective of a business’s stature, most organizations are adopting several steps to create a sound defense mechanism. Such mechanisms help to protect the assets and data from all breaches online. According to Market Watch, the cybersecurity industry is likely to touch USD250 billion by next year. It will grow at a rate of 11 percent throughout the year.

2. Utilizing the AI Methods of Security

Artificial Intelligence has been quite promising when it comes to tech and bringing advanced solutions to every sphere of life. And, during the current year, we can expect to witness more growth in the sector. At the same time, there are going to be some challenges concerning AI. We would see increased use of AI-related solutions to guard against online attacks. We can also expect machine learning to play a prominent role in this regard. 

Identifying the threats and plugging the loopholes will be the cornerstone of the concept. It might even allow various companies to respond to any emerging issues. However, in the same way, the criminals may also utilize the AI to intensify their attacks. And, this is something tech companies will need to be aware of to avoid any harmful situations.

3. Using a Superlative Authentication

We have seen a surge in the use of the authentication methods to keep the hackers at bay and away. The directives are particularly about guarding your credit or debit card and the bank against any fraudulent attempts. According to a report, there has been a 12 percent increase in the use of multi-factor authentication among organizations. And more organizations are opting for the method for ensuring the protection of data and personal details. 

Therefore, we can expect to see a continued rise in demand for the authentication method. The fact is it could be the sector doing the most business during the ongoing year and several more years to come.

4. Higher, Better Security Regulations

It is not just small or large businesses or organizations, but the government is also worried about the growing threat. So, likewise, they are contemplating measures and coming up with new developments to counter it. In this scenario, we can expect them to evolve better and broader security regulations in the days to come. For instance, in 2018, the European Union initiated the General Data Protection Regulations to curb online breaches. Similarly, we can also expect the United States and several leading powers of the world to legislate and introduce stringent regulations. Each country can devise laws, addressing the security issues they are facing.

5. Tackling Threats to the 5G Network

The 5G technology is still in the making, and we can expect it to make a more substantial impact in the current year. The fact is that many countries, including those in Asia, are still getting accustomed to the 4G. And, understandably, the cybersecurity threats are new as well. In many parts of the world, the 5G networks are likely to gain more ground. The high speed would also bring higher and greater security challenges. 

In other words, the networks using this service would be more vulnerable to attempts by hackers. It will become more comfortable and faster for online attackers to steal your data. Organizations, therefore, will need to up their security apparatus and infrastructure.

Final Word

With the beginning of the year 2020, the world has been witnessing increased data breach and theft incidents. While the solutions are becoming advanced, online attackers are also adopting newer means and ways to steal information. In this scenario, it is becoming essential to take unique and better ways of safeguarding security. Due to these prominent reasons, we can expect more significant measures relating to cybersecurity across the globe.

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