Steve Ballmer Says Farewell to Microsoft


Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft will be stepping down, says the Washington Post, Aug 23.

Industry analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment.

“There is quite a bit of good that Steve Ballmer has done with Microsoft over many years. However, Microsoft has been stuck during the last several years and only a new CEO with a new vision can rescue the company and put it back on a solid growth track,” says Principal analyst Jeff Kagan.

“The next Microsoft CEO should not do things the way Steve Ballmer has done things. The new CEO should take a new approach. The next Microsoft CEO should do business like the legendary Herb Kelleher former CEO of Southwest Airlines,” says Kagan.

Kelleher always said workers come first. Workers, then customers, then shareholders. He always said employees come first. Then they take great care of customers. Then that makes shareholders happy. See this CNBC piece.

“This is a simply idea, putting first things first, and it works. If Microsoft can understand this truth, they will become a very different and much better company. If not, I don’t think Microsoft will pull itself out of the hole it has dug for itself,” says Kagan.

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