Supremes to Weigh in On Controversial Obama Appointments


Executive Director of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center,  Karen Harned issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the case of NLRB vs. Noel Canning. The Coalition for Democratic Workplace, of which NFIB is a leading member, had previously filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to take up the case.

“This is why NFIB originally joined in the challenge in the D.C. Circuit Court. NFIB has argued that when President Obama made his three “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, he blatantly circumvented the Congressional appointment process and raised serious legal concerns that could not be ignored.

Earlier this year, the D.C. Circuit agreed with NFIB and ruled that President Obama’s so-called recess appointments were unconstitutional. However, the NLRB disagreed with the court’s decision and has continued to issue over 1,200 decisions that have impacted businesses across the country. This abuse of the recess appointment power has caused major confusion for both employers and employees of small businesses.

By ignoring the Circuit Court’s decision, the NLRB has devolved from being a neutral arbiter into a pro-union government agency. Small-business owners across the country deserve to be protected from the pro-union decisions handed down by the NLRB. The Supreme Court’s decision today to hear this case means small businesses are one step closer to getting the certainty they need to continue to grow.”

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