Suzanne Somers New Box on “Detoxing’ One’s Life

By  LifeWave Special for  USDR

In today’s world, our bodies have become a toxic dumping ground for mold, meds, chemicals and lead. In her new book, Suzanne Somers tells us how to detox and use LifeWave patches to maintain a chemical-free body. A pioneering health and wellness advocate, Suzanne delivers a powerful expose on the dangers of living in an increasingly toxic world. Experts in the field explain how to detox your body’s systems and use different survival skills that can save your life,  including:

  • The truth about detoxification – and where you’ll likely be if you don’t take it seriously
  • Mold toxicity, the newest threat to your brain and wellbeing…and just what to do to fight for your health
  • New protocols for removing toxic lead from the body, as well as ways to keep the most important gland in your body, the thyroid, clean and healthy

“I have interviewed David Schmidt in many of my books. He is a genius scientist and creator of LifeWave pain patches, called IceWave,”says Suzanne.”The miracle of these patches is complicated yet simple. In layperson’s terms, they activate the infrared light in your body much like sunlight does to produce vitamin D3. LifeWave also makes energy patches (Energy Enhancer), sleep patches (Silent Nights), detox patches (Y-Age Glutathione), and patches for improved organ function (Y-Age Carnosine). These patches are a simple way to fight the chemical onslaught. Along with good nutrition and eliminating outside chemicals as best you can, you will be well on your way to good  health.”

Moved to investigate by her own family’s plight, Suzanne sits down with environmental doctors and specialists who share eye-opening information and practical advice for how to survive, thrive, and stay healthy in today’s world. To order, visit and click the TOX-SICK image under “Bestsellers from Suzanne  Somers.”

About  LifeWave

Founded in 2004, LifeWave is a health technology company with product distribution in over 100 countries. LifeWave’s product line includes patented, proprietary patch technology that provides a myriad of health benefits without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, stimulants or needles entering the body. LifeWave also offers a breakthrough, caffeine-free, stimulant-free nutrition line, which produces results within minutes of use. Headquartered in San Diego, California, LifeWave is a privately held company and a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). For more information, visit Like LifeWave on  Facebook.

About the  Author

SUZANNE SOMERS is the author of 25 books, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Sexy Forever, Knockout, Ageless, and the New York Times bestsellers I’m Too Young For This!; Bombshell; Breakthrough; Keeping Secrets; Suzanne Somers’ Eat Great, Lose Weight; Get Skinny on Fabulous Food; Eat, Cheat and Melt the Fat Away; Suzanne Somers’ Fast & Easy; and The Sexy Years. An entrepreneur, lecturer, singer and actress, Suzanne is now in residence with her nightclub show at the Westgate International Hotel in Las  Vegas.

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