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By  Medisafe, Special for  USDR

At EyeforPharma Patient Summit USA, Medisafe, the leading personalized medication management platform addressing all major causes of non-adherence, announced the expansion of its pharma offering to include four distinct branded packages: Medisafe Adherence, Medisafe Engagement, Medisafe Insights and Medisafe Cobranding. While each package is targeted at a specific pain point for pharma and can be purchased separately, they can also be bundled for a comprehensive and novel Way Beyond the Pill™  program.

“Collaborating with our partners and listening intently to the market, we’ve built ‘Way Beyond the Pill’ to be flexible and scalable, yet cohesive,” said Jon Michaeli, EVP of Marketing and Business Development. “We’ve segmented the offering to allow pharma brands to choose the solutions that best address their most pressing challenges today, from lasting patient engagement, to behavioral insights that inform marketing initiatives, to improving their consumer-facing image, to recouping revenues from missed refills as a means to sustain R&D levels. At the same time, the packages are modular and can be bundled together for real measurable impact across all of these  dimensions.”

“Way Beyond the Pill”  Packages

Medisafe  Adherence

Medisafe is proven to lead to up to 20% higher prescription refills after six months. Medisafe Adherence offers pharma a license to the Medisafe platform, whereby their patients have access to the full feature set of medication and refill reminders, caregiver “Medfriend” support, dependent care and measurement/biometric tracking, while the commercial teams receive regular reports on adherence and user engagement. Medisafe also auto-populates complex dosing schedules to minimize patient friction and streamline  adoption.

Medisafe  Engagement

Medisafe has an AI-driven Updates Feed, which personalizes to each user uniquely based on his or her medication(s), condition(s) and app activity. Each month, hundreds of thousands of users visit the Medisafe Feed well over a million times. Using Medisafe’s automated rules-engine to maximize effectiveness, pharma can put their branded and un-branded content and other educational tools and resources into the Feed. Examples  include:

  • Multimedia (e.g. medication info, patient stories)
  • Patient assistance and copay cards
  • Telecare (i.e. a nurse’s hotline to call if a patient is experiencing a problem)
  • Patient surveys
  • Patient empowerment events and programs

Medisafe  Insights

Since the launch of the Medisafe app in May 2013, patients have recorded 500 million doses successfully taken on the platform. Along with these doses are billions of other relevant data points that can help pharma understand de-identified patient behavioral patterns and more thoroughly study specific cohorts of  interest.

Commonly requested insights  include:

  • Patient demographics
  • Medication switches
  • Adherence trends relative to other brands/generics in the drug class
  • Patient co-morbidities and medication combinations
  • Times of day and/or days of week that patients are least/most successful in taking their medication

Medisafe  Cobranding

Unlike pharma’s homegrown apps, Medisafe enables brands to understand patients holistically, inclusive of all medications they are taking as well as specific drivers of engagement and behavior change. Yet, with Medisafe Cobranding, the app gives brands their own custom solution and co-ownership of the patient experience. Brands can add their logo, content, product imagery, branded messages and more to Medisafe’s entry screens while providing tools and resources for patients to get on a path to better  health.

“Over many years of experience in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with pharmaceutical brands to identify and create opportunities to improve patient outcomes and experience,” said Eric Steckelman, Chief Growth Officer at Giant Creative Strategy. “With these expanded offerings, Medisafe is providing tools to address critical challenges and provide a unique personalized offering through its real-time, real-life data for its customers and  users.”

Medisafe currently works with a number of global pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Latin  America.

Attendees of the EyeforPharma Patient Summit USA can meet with Medisafe in Meeting Room 8 at the Sonesta Philadelphia Downtown Rittenhouse Squarefor a free Way Beyond the Pill and ROI consultation. Or, visit http://get.medisafe.com/pharmato learn more. To download Medisafe for iOS or Android, visit  https://get.medisafe.com/download/.

About  Medisafe
Medisafe is a personalized medication management platform addressing all major causes of non-adherence. Far more than a pill reminder app, Medisafe is a cloud-based platform that personalizes content, resources and interventions — such as educational videos, coupons and motivational messages — based on each user’s regimen, condition and specific circumstance.  Medisafe fosters collaboration between patients, their loved ones and healthcare professionals through caregiver tools and reports, and helps the care continuum reduce avoidable hospital admissions and sustain quality care initiatives. Medisafe has nearly three million patient and caregiver users who have recorded over 370 million successful medication doses on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and contributed 125,000 user reviews that average 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store and Google Play app  stores.

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