Take Time For Meditation

By Evelyn Duesbury, Special for  USDR

Routledge published a second book for Author Evelyn Duesbury during July 2016. The title is A Dream-Guided Meditation Model and the Personalized Method for Interpreting  Dreams.

Issues are that readers may have yet to find time for meditations or to work with their dreams. In our busy lives we are often pressed to find time for all our tasks at hand. How then could we find time to meditate or to study dreams? Even when readers embrace meditation as beneficial and are attracted to dreams, how, when, and where are they to meditate or to read books about  dreams?

Though the new book’s meditation model came in a dream, readers are shown how to meditate without learning how to interpret their dreams. Thirty-five solutions or lessons are presented that readers can use to refocus their minds during meditation and move forward with  efficiency.

One of the thirty-five solutions is “Take Time For Meditation: It Is Worth $1,000 In Calm Wisdom.” One night after the dreamer-writer Duesbury had become tense from pressing onward “to accomplish more work projects than is usual for me,” in a dream she was shown a brilliant way to have attained peace and inner calm so she could have accomplished the work. The brilliant way was to go to a quiet place and meditate. Another solution in the book is “Attempts to meditate without having practiced and without listening is like expecting to play beautiful music when you haven’t  practiced.”

When to meditate includes before work, noontime, after work and whenever you feel the need. Where to meditate includes at home, traveling, in a nearby church or faraway meditation hall when you image being  there.

As an American Counseling Association (ACA) counselor educator, Author Evelyn Duesbury teaches by writing about use of her researched and award-winning Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID). The PMID model is also in the first book Routledge published for Duesbury, A Counselor’s Guide For Facilitating The Interpretation Of Dreams: Family and Other Relationship Systems Perspectives  (2010).

Read excerpts and order the books at  www.yourguidingdreams.com.

SOURCE Evelyn  Duesbury

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