Texas Electric Grid is “Vulnerable”

By NCPA, Special for  USDR

Throughout this final legislative week in the Texas Capitol, the legislature has the opportunity to take the lead on an issue of national importance – securing the state’s electrical grid from natural or man-made electromagnetic pulses, according to an expert analysis by NCPA President/CEO Allen West and Dallas Eagle Forum President Trayce  Bradford.

“An EMP is like a super-energetic radio wave, so powerful that it can damage and destroy electronic systems everywhere within the EMP field,” write West and Bradford. “While EMP sounds like science fiction, it has been classified as a real and present danger by federal agencies, including NASA, and EMPs have occurred numerous time times already in the not-so-distant  past.”

Several critical pieces of legislation are moving through committee to secure the Texas electrical grid from both natural disaster and terrorist attack, including SB 1398, HB 3801, HB 2289, and HB 236. After the Texas legislature adjourns, it will be up to Gov. Abbott’s administration to take up the baton and carry this effort over the finish  line.

“Governor Abbott and his administration have an amazing opportunity to take leadership on an issue that is of great concern to the entire country,” said West and Bradford. “Let Texas be the first to secure its electrical  grid.”

West and Bradford’s full analysis can be found at:  http://www.ncpa.org/commentaries/secure-texas-electrical-grid-now

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