Texas Gubernatorial Race Just Got a Little More Crowded


Just a day after Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he would not be running for another term, Tom Pauken offered Texas Republicans “a choice in their nominee for governor, asserting the differences between him and his likely opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott.” Excerpts of Pauken’s remarks:

“I’ve been travelling across the state listening to the voices of my fellow Texans. The level of their frustration with Austin is very high. Texans feel they aren’t being heard by political insiders who wield power.

“There’s a style of governance that has developed even within our own Republican party’s leadership where primary allegiance goes to those who write the big checks, and powerful insiders pick and choose what issues get taken care of in Austin.

“You can understand why all too many Texans feel that insiders are running the show and that they don’t have a voice anymore.

“This race will answer a fundamental question about how everyday Texans interact with their elected leaders and what they should expect from them to address challenges in their lives.

“I know about those challenges. I heard about them as chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, when I listened to employers, educators and parents talk about the need for more opportunities for vocational education and a return to local control of our public schools.

“After listening, I did something about it. As governor, I will listen to your concerns and will work to represent all Texans. You won’t have to buy my attention.

“As the director of a federal agency for President Ronald Reagan, I kept budgets in check. We need to do the same in Texas. Our recent state budgets have far exceeded population and inflation growth. I will veto any budget which exceeds that criteria.

“As governor, I will get rid of an unfair school finance system that takes local money and ships it elsewhere. I will replace it with a more equitable way of financing schools.

“President Ronald Reagan hired me to run a federal agency and I did the job he asked me to do. I’m asking the people of Texas to hire me as their governor.”

Tom Pauken is the former Texas Workforce Commissioner Chairman, Texas Republican Party Chairman, and member of the Reagan White House staff, Pauken will bring a new approach to Texas governance. www.TomPaukenforTexas.com

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