The Age of Security Breaches: How to Weed Through the Many Solution Options

Smart businesses of any size know that cybersecurity is more important today than it ever has been before. Left and right, companies, organizations, individuals, and local governments and government agencies are being targeted by cyber criminals.

These criminals are both domestic and international. Their schemes are often highly-technical — or sometimes, completely rudimentary. Either way, if you have no security system in place, you’re a target.

Of course, the only way to adequately protect your business with proper security is to work with your IT specialists or an MSP and enlist the best cybersecurity systems on the market.

The problem?

The market is absolutely flooded with options. Laith Pahlawan, CEO of Orange Crew in Anaheim, CA probably said it best: “Where there is fear, there is an opportunity to make money, and predators can smell fear from a mile away.”

Of course, the “predators” he’s talking about here are cybersecurity companies themselves. Though these are indeed the companies that IT operations like Orange Crew need (and that businesses looking for cybersecurity need), it’s true they can be rather rapacious.

Joe Cannata of IT company, Techsperts, LLC, says about the many cybersecurity companies vying for attention: “We are constantly bombarded with emails and phone calls from many different companies that provide products and services such as antivirus, email protection, documentation, training, etc.” Furthermore, even social media presents a multitude of options. Sites like Facebook are “also filled with sales people and other tech companies trying to push their products and services to us and our clients,” says Cannata.

Why Is Heated Competition So Bad? Don’t Newer Cybersecurity Companies Have Anything to Offer?

Perhaps, say tech experts. Cannata goes on: “There are always new companies reaching out, but we choose to let others work out the kinks before we take any serious look at what they have to offer.”

In other words, the top IT companies only choose to work with time-tested, well-established cybersecurity companies and software. Ideally, you want to be able to look at a company’s track record and feel confident that they’ve proven themselves in the field and will adequately protect your own business.

What Other Criteria Should You Use to Choose the Best Cyber Security Company?

Numerous IT experts weighed in on this question and came up with the following characteristics to look for when choosing a quality cybersecurity company:

  1. They can provide evidence that their products work.

We already know that the best cybersecurity companies are experienced and well-established. But the next step is to uncover actual proof of that.

Jason Simons, VP of ICS’s Houston Division says it’s all about making sure potential candidates have “their own house in order.” Therefore, he always requests, “Reports from the software [potential cyber security companies] run that shows how their office is protected. This does not have to be details that provide proprietary information, but they should have a summary that shows that their own organization is well-protected.”

  1. They have documentation of high-quality, comprehensively-tested cybersecurity practices.

It’s excellent if your cybersecurity company can provide evidence of the security practices they use. That’s because in the event that an insurance claim needs to be made for a breach or similar event, Simons says that, “Documentation and proof of good cyber-security practices will help you get your insurance claim and reduce your risk exposure.”

  1. They can provide references.

Simons says the cyber security companies you’re considering “should be able to provide at least 3 people that glow about their services.” If they’re reticent or unable to do this, watch out.

  1. Their products work (because you’ve tried them yourself).

Try the security systems you’re considering out with your own company. Conduct your own tests and experiments, analyze the data, and see how each company does at limiting breaches.

Why Do Businesses Still Get Hacked Despite Extensive, Seemingly Full-Proof Cybersecurity

Unfortunately, it’s all still a numbers game, says Laith Pahlawan: “Let us assume that you get attacked 3000 times a day, [so you put up] a firewall, [and] it goes down to 2000. A spam filter, [and] we are now at 1000.”

After that, you use other preventive barriers such as anti-virus and anti-malware protection. “Then you go through phishing training, and now you are down to 1 or 2 attacks that you are exposed to a day. Over the course of a year, you are exposed 700 times a year … but what if there are 20 people in your office? Now you are exposed 14000 times a year.”

Essentially, he concludes, no security system is perfect. And unfortunately, there is no way to protect a company 100%. What you can do is employ the best cybersecurity company possible because even in a numbers game, limiting your chances of exposure will get you far.

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