The Announcement of the Commemorative Trump Dollar

By TrumpDollar.US, Special for  USDR

TrumpDollar.US today announced that the “2016 Trump Dollar,” to commemorateDonald Trump’s presidential campaign and give voice to the dissatisfaction of voters who are fed up with the political class, is available for  pre-order.

The “2016 Trump Dollar” expresses the anger of the people who distrust politicians and the badly broken U.S. political process. A portrait of Donald Trump and the words TRUMP THE GOVERNMENT are featured on the obverse and reinforced with VOTE NON POLITICIAN on the reverse of the commemorative  coin.

Those sentiments are echoed by Forbes magazine editor-in-chief Steve Forbes, himself a two-time presidential candidate, about the current political environment: “What it demonstrates is the intense, deep voter dissatisfaction with where the country is, and fears about the future… so people are looking for an outsider for a fresh  perspective.”

The “2016 Trump Dollar” – a clear call for freedom of speech and expression of distrust of the entrenched political class – was designed by Bernard von NotHaus, the monetary architect of the Liberty Dollar. The commemorative coin with one full ounce of pure 999 fine silver in Brilliant Uncirculated condition is $25. The one-ounce copper Trump Dollar is $5. And a special Gold Proof Set – with a proof Gold Piedfort, silver and copper – is available for $2450 in an engraved wood presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity. Additional information is available at TrumpDollar.US and 888- LIB-DOLLAR.

The special “First Day of Issue” Trump Dollar – with a hand stamped hallmark – is $35 and only available by pre-order or at the First Day of Issue Reception at the Trump Tower in New York City on April 27.  RSVP at www.TrumpDollar.US or call  888-LIB-DOLLAR.

5% of all net sales will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations  personnel.

SOURCE  TrumpDollar.US

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