The Beginning of The End for Kim Jong-un’s Crimes Against Humanity

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for   USDR

Since the FBI accused North Korea as being the culprit behind the Sony hack, North Korea has vehemently denied the accusations. In fact, North Korea is now so far on the defensive that the country has refused to partake in an unprecedented UN Security Council meeting that was supposed to discuss North Korea’s domineering and overbearing control over its people’s human rights. This year more than ever has brought the communist country’s capital, Pyongyang into the spotlight. While there have always been rumors of its government’s crimes against humanity, this is the first time their dear leader supreme, Kim Jong Un could end up being held accountable for the alleged crimes escaped North Koreans have been accusing both their current ruler, as well as his predecessors of doing to their country’s people for years. There is a high probability that the dire situation in the half-starved nation of North Korea will be brought to the International Criminal Court—a court reserved for the darkest acts against humanity.

Who would have predicted that a satirical Hollywood film, starred by two of Hollywood’s biggest stoner clown-like actors would be the tipping point that turned the world to unify in action against a country that has been notorious for atrocities against its people for many generations?

Last week Sony caved in to threats by hackers, and decided not to release the film. But on Sunday, Sony’s lawyer, David Boies announced that Sony WILL be releasing the film, but exactly how the company plans to distribute it remains unknown. However, word is that the company has been actively surveying different platforms for its release. North Korea will find that their bullying conduct will haunt them—maybe even doom the dictatorship. The Interview has become a global must-see and so North Korea’s control-freak instincts now look as foolish as it was to make a film that used the actual name of North Korea and its ruler, Kim Jong Un as its setting and antagonist.

And while two-thirds of the Security Council for the UN have requested that North Korea’s human rights become a primary focus on their agenda, there is a possibility that the whole deal could fall through. As a business woman I receive several LOI (letters of intent) from interested buyers in company’s listed for sale by that business’s owner. These seem to commonly fall through, and so I cannot help but think that China—like an unqualified buyer who submits an LOI—may end up vetoing or blocking any further action against its long-time and troublesome ally, North Korea.

As a business broker, I operate as a liaison between buyers and sellers. In such a situation like the international one the UN now faces there is a hard equilibrium to be reached. On the one hand it is important to keep China in the know and on our economic good side, and on the other, the fact that last week Sony decided to cancel the Christmas Day release of The Interview a warning signal has been set off. Diplomats know that backing down in the face of threats is creating a future setting where such abominable actions are permitted to continue.

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