The Benefits of French Kissing

According to an article in The Huffington Post, married couples seeking help to improve the intimacy in their relationship have long forgotten what a passionate kiss is like and do not French kiss anymore. These couples, for whom the aim of having sex is to experience the climax and not to enjoy intimacy, rarely indulge in pleasure kissing, that too during intercourse. The article stated that when compared to intercourse, pleasure kissing is more  intimate.

But why is French kissing such an advantage? Also known as snogging, making out, locking lips, etc., it is a passionate, deep, amorous kiss, in which couples use their tongues to touch each other’s lips or tongue. The reason it is special is that touching the partner’s tongue, lips and mouth, which are the principal erogenous zones of the body, with your tongue induces physiological sexual arousal, which most situations, leads to sex. Both men and women have accepted that the French kiss is their favorite type of  kiss.

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Benefits of French  Kissing

According to a study published in Real Food for Life, when a couple French kisses, in a mere 10 seconds, they can spread 80 million beneficial bacteria between the mouths, which are good for the body, unlike a prudent kiss that only transfers 1,000 bacteria. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, does  it?

Although many might would want to avoid French kissing just thinking of those millions of bacteria transferred in a single kiss, the act is a form of immunization and builds resistance through exposure to different microorganisms. If you think of it this way, you’ll never find anything healthier than  kissing!

This finding was based on research conducted on 21 couples in the Netherlands, during which their saliva was collected before they began French kissing and after they had done so for 10  seconds.

Master the Art of French  Kissing

The way you kiss a woman can improve your chances of having a second date with her! When done perfectly, the French kiss becomes a catalyst for love making, which you can also excel at with the use of EnhanceRx male enhancement  pills.

Before you even begin kissing, make sure your lips are fully moisturized, you have kept good oral hygiene and you have drunk enough water. When you begin, do not start directly with the kiss, instead indulge in a little foreplay by kissing the neck, face and then mouth, to make them feel more sensual and relaxed, and then move to the French kiss. Stay aware if you are salivating too much, to avoid your kiss being too  sloppy.

Do not let only your mouth do the work to build the intimacy, use your body as well. When you are kissing your partner, caress their body with your hands. But make sure your tongues are kept engaged all this time. Lastly, the key of being best at French kiss is to do it effortlessly, which increases the chances of a couple ending up with effortless sex  too.

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