The Benefits of Shared Offices


Shared offices can always provide your business with the perfect working environment with no matter if you have a small startup or a developed business in search of expanding your operation. Shared offices are very adaptable to a variety of clients’ needs. They have many benefits, for example, an existing IT infrastructure, a low overhead, and the flexibility of your short lease. Based on that many companies choose shared offices as the best option of spaces lease, but what else do they see in  that?

Taxes and Other Governmental  Spending

When you get an office only for your company you are the one to take responsibility for all the taxes and utility costs. No matter if you spend less than you supposed to, you still have to pay for all the bills. If, on the other hand, you rent office on the basis of shared platform, you do share all the expenses on water, electricity, cleaning, rent, etc. With some other company or companies you can “trick” the government and by that lower your expenses so save the  money.

Low Overhead  Expenses

When you establish an absolutely new office you have to pay a great sum and spend pretty a lot of time. With no doubt you can save money on furniture but are you sure that it will be better? When getting shared office spaces you get the ability to save on everything because packages as a rule include essential services like WiFi access, printing facilities or phone  services.


It should be absolutely obvious, but still when you choose to work in a shared offices you get an insurance and peace of your mind. As a rule, most shared offices operate have a very sophisticated entrance technology; it does not matter if it is a keycard form of access or round-the-clock security desk, in any case your space in the office is absolutely protected. In case you decide to install special alarm security system and connect to the government as represented by the local police, you might get some difficulties because such security code or card would be available to many people, so in case of any damages or losses it would be harder to find a guilty person. But on the other hand, if your company in a shared office works until 4 and another company until 8, for instance, then you get a better protection; because your shared office’s colleague can ask for help in case of any troubles much faster than a regular alarm  system.

Short Lease  Flexibility

The market today is very shifting and dynamic, and it is only fitting in the fact that your own business practices can reflect this trend. Shared offices usually allow you to find and get the appropriate package which would perfectly suit your needs, from permanent and closed offices to temporary hotdesks at an hourly rate. Your need in such space may vary from month to month so such choice will implicit  flexibility.

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