The Benefits of Studying a Master of Science in Management Information Systems Online


Studying online can have many great benefits including flexibility and convenience and gaining your master of science in management information systems can offer many well-paid careers for you to choose from if you wish to advance from where you are currently at. Below are some of the best reasons to study this masters course 100% online.

Become an Expert in Management Information Systems

With technology ever increasing and being used with companies worldwide, the relationship between technology and business is interdependent. This means companies are looking for people who are skilled in both the use of modern technology and have a good understanding of business. An MIS degree from UAB online can assist you to develop and hone the skills necessary for success in the business world, including checking and advancing companies data security, project management, social media and business intelligence. However, you chose to use your degree, it can give you real-life experience to broaden your knowledge of modern businesses worldwide.

Earn Your Degree When You Want

We all have a busy home and work lifes fitting an education in can be at the bottom of your to-do list. Studying online gives you the complete freedom to work from anywhere you have a computer or laptop and whenever you want. Coursework can be accessed and completed 24 hours a day, without the need to attend classes or campus. The University of Alabama-Birmingham Online offers all the benefits of a traditional university education with the flexibility and convenience of using modern technology to our advantage. Your degree will be the same as if you studied at a campus and you can still attend graduation, earning the same degree from UAB Collat School of Business as if you are attended campus classes. For those who have a lot going on, studying online can give you the education you wanted with the time you never had.

Career Opportunities

This is an ever-growing field so there really is no better time to study for your master of science in management information systems. Whether you wish to pursue a career as a Chief Information Officer, IT Director or Computer and Information Research Scientist companies are looking for someone who can help coordinate, plan and direct technology-based decisions. From banks to hospitals, there are various roles you can work in with your degree depending on your skills and interests. In 2012, those working in careers with a master’s in management information systems were earning up to $143,164 a year. With the chance to get your degree in as little as a year, there is no better time to apply.

There are bridge programs offered for students wishing to get their MIS degree without an undergraduate degree in the field and with the ability to work around earning a degree, what are you waiting for? Build your network with other IT professionals and expand your knowledge to advance in your chosen sector today.

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