The Benefits of Using Professional Reference Check Services

Many employers require job applicants to include references when they apply. These references can confirm the work history and qualifications claimed by the applicant. References can also provide information about an employee’s character and people skills. While references are considered to be an indispensable part of the application process by many employers, it does take time to evaluate references. This is why many employers are going with professional reference check services. Not only will these services save you time, but they will also prevent employees from fabricating qualifications, save you time when you are evaluating job applications, give you a more complete picture of an employee’s prior work performance and soft skills, and ensure that the process follows all applicable regulations. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using professional reference check services.

Prevent Prospective Employees From Fabricating Qualifications

One of the most important benefits of using a professional reference check service is that it will ensure job applicants cannot get away with fabricating qualifications. Of course, you can check the references yourself to ensure that an applicant has not fabricated their qualifications. However, professionals will surely be more thorough and accurate due to their extensive training and experience.

Save Time When Evaluating Job Applications

Perhaps the biggest reason that employers turn to professionals when evaluating job applications is that this can save them a great deal of time. It can take a while to verify multiple references for an applicant, especially if you want to ask each reference many questions about the job candidate. If you have many applicants, it can take you hours to interview all the references for all the applicants. Even if you only check the references of the most promising candidates, this can take hours out of your workday. Delegating this task to a professional can save you valuable time.

Get a More Complete Picture of the Prospective Employee’s Prior Work Performance

Not only can entrusting reference verification to the professionals save you time, but it can also give you a more complete picture of the employee’s prior work performance. This because trained and experienced professionals know exactly what questions to ask the references to get the most complete picture of the applicant. This can help you hire the right candidate or even help you refrain from hiring a bad apple that looked good on paper.

Learn About a Candidate’s Soft Skills

It can be difficult or even impossible to learn about a candidate’s character and people skills when you are looking at their application. This one of the most important reasons to require references in the first place. You can always ask a candidate about their own people skills and character, but their opinion of themselves may differ greatly from the opinion of their former supervisor. A professional reference checker can more effectively learn about a candidate’s true soft skills.

Ensure That Your Company Follows Regulations

There are strict regulations that govern how companies can process job applications. Employers are required to disclose what they will do with the applicant’s information. If they plan to subject the applicant to a criminal background check or a credit check, they must make this clear on the application. The same goes for reference checks. You must get an applicant’s permission to check their references. A professional reference check service will help you follow all applicable regulations.

Finding a Professional Reference Check Service

There are several things to look for in a professional reference check service. You want to find a reputable company that has been in business for years. More importantly, you need to find a company that is upfront about its reference checking process.

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