The Bizarre “Conservative” Silver Lining for Obamacare

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The Heritage Foundation, which is the country’s premier conservative think tank, is a frequent guest on the Price of Business.  However, Price goes on the attack with Supreme Court expert John Malcolm of the organization over the “conservative” upside to Obamacare.  This is becoming a common mantra among pundits on the Right and many, including Price, are not taking it. Some conservative are arguing that, with the passage of Obamacare, future proponents of mandates are going to have to admit they are a tax because that is how the court described it. “Ludicrous,” says Price, liberals in government will continue to use euphemisms (fees, penalties, etc.) and in the end have the court do its dirty work for it.  In the case of Obamacare, Justice Roberts essentially rewrote the law to make sure it passed the court’s muster.
Also, check out the incredible debate between radio host Mark Levin and columnist George Will in the Daily Caller:
On his Thursday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” echoed a plea he made on his Facebook page earlier, attacking conservative syndicated columnist George Will for calling the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling “a substantial victory.” Levin called the article “the dumbest George Will article, certainly among them, that I have ever read”Perhaps it’s more of a long-term view of the situation, but Will saw an upside in the announcement of a 5-4 decision declaring President Barack Obama’s 2010 landmark health care legislation constitutional.

In an article on the Post’s website, Will explained that conservatives got a victory with the decision, which he said has put the brakes on government expansion.

“Conservatives won a substantial victory Thursday,” Will wrote. “The physics of American politics — actions provoking reactions — continues to move the crucial debate, about the nature of the American regime, toward conservatism. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has served this cause. The health-care legislation’s expansion of the federal government’s purview has improved our civic health by rekindling interest in what this expansion threatens — the framers’ design for limited government.”

Will’s reasoning relies on the portion of Roberts’ opinion that has put boundaries around what the Commerce Clause allows the government to do.

“You see folks,” Levin said, “conservatives are so used to losing — particularly conservatives inside the beltway that have been here for decades — then when we really, really lose, they claim that we’ve won. I don’t know if this is a psychological thing — I don’t know.”

Will said that this decision would reinvigorate small government conservatives, a premise Levin scoffed at.

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