The Blueprint for a GOP Landslide Victory in 2016

By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for  USDR

The GOP has one root (excuse the pun) to victory. We need a bold positive message that will excite middle class Americans. Here is the three-part plan that guarantees a presidential landslide in  2016.

We need to guarantee a job for every American, NOT a welfare check. Americans want two  things:

1) They want a  job.

2) They want a system that is  fair.

Why would anyone go to work, if others get to stay home, sleep late, watch “Dr. Phil,” play with their kids, and collect welfare and food stamps? The current system is unfair and it’s leading to the decline and eventual collapse of U.S.  economy.

The next GOP president needs to promise “a job in every pot.” He or she must declare “I am the jobs president. I’m going to get America working again come hell or high water. I will guarantee every American a job over the next four years. PERIOD. And if I don’t deliver, fire  me.”

For those on welfare or other government checks, you get a job whether you want one or not. Everyone must work. If you want to work, we’ll find you a job. Your government checks will keep coming, but you’ll earn the check. If you refuse to work, you’re on your own. All government checks will cease immediately if you refuse  work.

This is not a “shot in the dark.” The state of Maine just tried this model and it worked like magic. As soon as welfare recipients learned they had to work in order to keep their government check, the welfare rolls dropped  dramatically.

Great! Mission accomplished. Less burden for  taxpayers.
Finding everyone on welfare a job is much cheaper (in the long run) than a welfare check. It’s certainly cheaper than to keep paying for food stamps for 46 million Americans for 40 months in a  row.

To accomplish all this the GOP will agree to spend more on jobs, not welfare. We’ll invest billions in training you; we’ll spend money to hire job counselors and job placement experts; we’ll give businesses incentives to hire the unemployed; and if we still can’t find you a job in the private sector, we’ll give you a job in the public  sector.

America first. America fair. Every American guaranteed a job. No one sits  home.
I don’t care if you hold up STOP signs at construction sites, or pick up garbage along the highway, or help little children cross streets. But you will have a job, so that you earn your welfare  check.

Pledge that everyone works during a GOP presidency. PERIOD. No one can ever again see their neighbor collecting a government check for staying home and not  working.

No longer should anyone’s goal in life be welfare, food stamps, disability, or free healthcare. Obama is turning America into Cuba under Fidel Castro (his new BFF). Well America is not Cuba. We won’t let it become  Cuba.

But we won’t let anyone starve either. If you need a job, we’ll give you one. If you need a check, you’ll get it – but only if you  work.

Democrats claim they don’t want people on welfare or dependency. They claim they want Americans to work. They claim they want a higher minimum  wage.

Our GOP candidate should call their bluff. We’ll support new spending for jobs, training and placement and we’ll spend money to create jobs for those who appear unemployable and we’ll raise the minimum wage  too.

Democrats and the media (I know, I repeat myself) claim they want compromise. They claim compromise is  good.

Here’s the deal the GOP is offering: In return for more spending on jobs training and a higher minimum wage, we want to lower personal and business income taxes to a flat tax of 15 percent. That’s the tax rate and flat tax system of Hong Kong, the most prosperous, booming economy in the world. Every business owner and entrepreneur in the country will be happy to pay a higher minimum wage if you dramatically lower our tax  burden.

Everyone wins. Millions of new jobs will be created, because of dramatically lower business and personal income taxes. And with a higher minimum wage, employees will feel more prosperous too. Will Democrats cut taxes for small businessman in return for a higher minimum wage and more investment in jobs?

The border must be sealed and secured. Our jobs are being given away to the cheap labor of illegal aliens. Government has allowed our working class to be decimated. That’s not fair to American  citizens.

An American president should be guaranteeing a job only for every America citizen, NOT foreigners. The border must be sealed. No more free rides for illegal aliens. No more cheap labor that takes away your job. No more entitlement checks to illegal aliens. No more “earned income tax credits” for illegal aliens. No more incentives by our own government for companies to hire illegals over you- an honest law-abiding American citizen. You’re killing the spirit of American  citizens.

This is outrageous. It must end with a GOP  president.

America first. America fair. Every American guaranteed a job. No one sits  home.

Game over. GOP wins in landslide. And I’ll make a bet with anyone who cares to wager with me – a Republican promising that agenda; giving that speech; would win the majority of legal Latino  voters.

Wanna  bet?

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