The Carlomaderno Brand Gave Away 100 Yeezy Shoes

Global online retail company, Carlomaderno , was founded in 2020 and offers beneficial pricing ranges to their consumers worldwide. This company has flourishly adopted a mindset of diversification and offers a wide variety of lifestyle products. These products are grouped in three categories: small accessories, gadgets and home and garden.

100 Yeezy Shoes Giveaway

Carlomaderno offered a helping hand and showed public understanding of the current conditions due to Covid-19, and gave away 100 Yeezy Shoes to people who could not have otherwise afforded this purchase. In 2020, the number of people who shifted to unemployment due to the global pandemic was 33 million people. This epidemic has disordered the economic and financial structures in today’s world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that the global pandemic has had an apparent brunt on global economic development. Carlomaderno chose to give away 100 of their high-end shoes in order to help people who’ve been affected by the current pandemic and are suffering from the impact of it. This kind gesture can hopefully inspire other successful retail companies to follow Carlomaderno’s example and help bring a smile to other people’s faces.


Unemployment during Covid & Carlomaderno contribution

Two years into the Great Recession (2007-2009), unemployment was still not as high as it’s now been because of COVID-19. An approximated number of 43 percent of children resinate in houses which are struggling to cover their everyday expenses. Small gestures of kindness during such a strenuous time in people’s lives could really make a difference towards people who are struggling financially or mentally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even amongst people who’ve successfully managed to keep a stable job during the epidemic, 53.8% said they were more mentally exhausted, and 53% stated they had an increase in everyday sadness in their lives. Carlomaderno gave away one hundred Yeezys including a number of the “ Yeezy 750 Boost OG” shoes which under normal circumstances are worth around US $1,424.

Among this giveaway were also the authentic “Yeezy 500 Soft Vision” US $1,046, and the “Yeezy 500 Salt” usually worth $1,050. As a globally known retail company, Carlomaderno believes that kindness is teachable, as well as contagious. With the give away being complete, they are planning numerous other giveaways for the foreseeing future, in which people could keep an eye out for on the official carlomoderno website.

Payment Options

The ways in which you can pay for your online product on CarloMaderno are plentiful. They accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more. You can get the products delivered directly to your house, and have the choice of exchanging or returning your chosen product 14 days after delivery. Usually, product delivery times are fifteen-thirty business days. Any purchase on the CarloMaderno website is secured by SSL 128Bit technology, which is the world’s top standard for securing financial transactions.

If you pay via a credit card, your purchase will be secured by the PCI standard by the clearing company, and as ClaroMaderno says, “the card details are never stored in our system.” The customer is also offered the unique chance of paying in installments, to make the action of paying even easier and more suitable for the client.

Carlomaderno offers warranty on all products

A warranty is provided on all products of the company, so customers don’t have to worry over the quality of the products. Returns up to two weeks after delivery are allowed and Carlomaderno customer service has embraced an ethos of humanity and understanding, and are always ready to accommodate purchasers.

What else you should know about CarloMaderno takes customer satisfaction seriously, and they care immensely about how happy their clients ought to be. They’ve designed their website fastidiously, so that if visitors carry any questions, they can easily be answered on their Q&A section, or via their quick customer service, which is always considerate and attentive. Most importantly, their products are high-end and are of exceptional quality, with more than 95% buyers reporting ecstatic after receiving their first buy. The company has great reviews on Trustpilot and other reliable consumer sites.  is considered to be quite cost-effective in the current epidemic, and are trying to make consumer life more enjoyable. They have planned more giveaways for the near future, and currently have placed some extravagant products on discounts.

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