The Case for Congressional Oversight on Iran Nuclear Deal

By the Iran Task Force, Special for  USDR

We support bipartisan efforts to give Congress a decisive role in the evaluation of any nuclear deal with  Iran.

Any nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran is destined to affect regional stability and global non-proliferation norms for decades to come, for good or ill. It would be of tremendous importance to U.S. national security. Congress played a critical role in developing the sanctions that made the negotiations possible, and it should have a decisive say on any deal and sanctions relief to  follow.

Congress should have adequate time to review any nuclear deal with Iran. During a 60-day review period, the Executive Branch should be required to refrain from suspending, waiving, or otherwise reducing statutory sanctions on  Iran.

U.S. foreign policy is strengthened when backed by broad consensus including both the Executive Branch and Congress. Congressional consent would strengthen, not weaken, the durability of a deal with Iran. However, if Congress finds a proposed deal inadequate, it should have the opportunity to prevent any action that would undermine the sanctions architecture that it has worked to  establish.

About the Iran Task  Force

The Iran Task Force’s goal is to lend expertise to the legislative branch on Iran’s internal politics, nuclear science, and the multi-faceted US and global sanctions regime against  Iran.

This group of former government officials and nuclear, legal, and sanctions experts provides advice and recommendations to policymakers in order to ensure that any final deal prevents Iran’s uranium and plutonium pathways to a nuclear  weapon.

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