The Complete Guide to Living in New York

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About 900,000 people move to New York in any given year. And as the pandemic slows down and more jobs open up, even more people are looking to move to this great city.

But there are some things you should know about before making the big move. So keep reading this article to learn everything about New York living!

The New York Lifestyle

In the media, you’ll often see a wrongful portrayal of New Yorkers. The reality is, NYC runs on its own rules. For the most part, you will experience some changes in the way you dress because of the weather. And you may even change your eating habits because of all the diverse cuisines.

Lastly, the New York lifestyle can sometimes be very independent just because everyone is so busy. So expect to have a period where solitude and independence become your best friend.

Nevertheless, because New York has great nightlife, you can expect to meet some great people if you put yourself out there. Overall, life in New York is changing day-to-day but it’s ultimately what you make it.

So Many Things To Do, You Won’t Know Where To Start

Living in New York is wonderful because of all the fun treasures surrounding the city. From the opera houses to the whole in-the-wall food shops, New York has it all. So if you’re planning to move to NYC, you’ll always have something to do.

For example, Harlem has some of the most beautiful street art in the city. And if you’re feeling patriotic, you can visit the Statue of Liberty. Or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration and want to go to an art museum.

And luckily, some of these activities are free. Just walking around in this great city will make you feel right at home.

Amazing Opportunites Everywhere You Look

Whether you’re a writer or a nurse, NYC has some of the greatest opportunities. There are also some great freelancing and internship openings in New York.

Not to mention, some of the largest and best hospitals reside in the city. So if you’re a healthcare worker, then consider moving to New York.

Crime Rates Are Reducing

Many people are apprehensive about moving to New York because of the crime rates. But believe it or not, crime rates are reducing in New York. Nevertheless,

In fact, in June 2021 from now, the number of murders and shootings in the city reduced by 23.3 percent. And overall when you take into consideration the population of the city and the crimes per square feet, NYC is relatively safe when compared to other cities.

Say Goodbye To Your Car

NYC has some of the best public transportation systems in the country. About 4.3 million people ride the subway every day. And this option is way cheaper because you don’t have to worry about car notes, insurance, maintenance, and inspections.

On average, a subway ride will cost about four dollars. So you can chase your dreams all while being economical and environmentally friendly.

Fashion Capital Of The World

New York is known for its funky streetwear and vouge-like clothing. So if you’re looking to express yourself through your wardrobe, then NYC is the place to do it.

Not to mention, they’re also countless amounts of vintage, thrift, and new-age clothing shops. So if you want to elevate your look, you’ll surely find some great options.

Get Active And Healthy

With over 2,000 city parks, NYC is the best place to get healthy. And because of the great subway station, you can walk everywhere.

So if you’ve been looking for a new way to get fit, moving to New York will help. Or if you have a dog that likes to take walks, NYC is very dog friendly and has many places for them to explore.

Amazing Architecture

NYC is known for its breathtaking skyscrapers but even the urban areas have some beautiful architecture. Some of the buildings in Brooklyn, Harlem, and Manhattan have been around for 20 to 40 years.

And odds are, you will likely move into an apartment that has its unique style and history. Overall, each building was beautifully crafted to optimize the city space and create a beautiful ambiance.

Culture And Diversity

NYC has an extensive amount of diversity and history. The city has over 200 languages. And the food and atmosphere represent it well.

For example, if you’re feeling some Italian food then go down to little Italy. Or maybe you want some dumplings, well you can head over to Koreatown. And the city also holds many religious and cultural parades throughout the year, so you can embrace many different cultures.

Amazing Music Scene

NYC is home to some of the best music venues and top-performing artists take notice. So if you love going to concerts, then you’ll love NYC for this reason.

But you don’t have to buy a ticket to experience the music scene because there is talent everywhere! For example, the subway station is home to some of the best street artists. Or you can head on over to Central Park and you’ll be sure to find some playing an instrument.

The Best Farmers Market

NYC holds some of the best farmers’ market events. So if you have a green thumb and love fresh produce, then you’ll find that NY definitely fits your lifestyle.

You’ll also find that the product is a lot fresher and that’s because many of the products are locally grown and produced right in the city!

New York Living Made Easy

New York living is safe, fun, and creative. So what are you waiting for? Make the move today!

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