The Effects of Divorce on Children and Family

By Frank J. Granett R. ph.

The family unit environment should be the first of many assessments, if a child exhibits chronic behavioral symptoms due to parental divorce.  Many risk factors affect childhood behavioral development, however the family unit functions as a primary source of stability for positive child behavior.  Case studies show that family unit risk factors may lead to certain forms of behavioral symptoms including ADHD, especially in the young male  population.

More often than not, parents are faced with more adversity and stress when divorce cracks the family unit bond.  Economic decline of the average American family is pervasive.  Dual-parent income is mandatory to keep family units solvent.  Negative peer pressure and parent’s time spent with their children on a daily basis significantly declines as a result of divorce.  According to a survey discussed in The American Epidemic  Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth, young teenagers respond most commonly to this simple question……”What do your parents do to show they love  you?”

  • “They spend time with me”
  • “They take time out of their busy schedules”
  • “They talk to me when I have a problem”

Parents should realize the value and reward of investing time with their children, especially during the eventuality of divorce to combat peer pressure.  In America teenage peer pressure has negatively impacted success of the family unit resulting in poor behavioral development.  Peer pressure can be eliminated by keeping a child focused and active rather than becoming distracted or reactive to the negative effects that peer pressure may  create.

Recently on The Price of Business radio program’s Price of ADHD Business health segment, Kevin Price and I interviewed Dr. Fran Walfish, a nationally regarded psychologist from Beverly Hills, California.  The effects of divorce on children is a critical risk factor assessment for the onset of ADHD symptoms.   Click and listen to the interview

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