The Evolution of the Matchmaking Industry


Matchmaking has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It took many different forms, with these services either been undertaken by family members or elders within the community. Sometimes, there were designated leaders for specifically these reasons. In fact, having marriages that have not been arranged by families can be considered to be a relatively new concept. In many cultures, still, it is perfectly normal for the parents to decide who their children will marry. For the longest time, it had largely died out in the Western cultures such as the US, Canada, and the UK. Then, there was a sudden resurgence some time ago. This meant that matchmaking companies were back in business. Let’s take a look at this trend that emerged:

Why Has It Become Relevant  Again?

To put it simply, the social trend regarding dating has changed. There are several reasons why this happened. One, of course, is that the views on relationships, marriage, and similar topics have drastically shifted over the years. It also seems that people are focusing more on their careers and placing relationships on the  backburner.

Perhaps one of the most influential forces, however, has been the advent of the smartphone and online dating. People are more comfortable with casting a wider net when it comes to potential mates. Furthermore, they are more accustomed to meeting and having more personal interactions with  strangers.

All of this means that people are much more likely to place their trust in others’ abilities to find them a partner. Savvy individuals have capitalized on this and turned it into a business opportunities. This has come in two different forms. The first is dating apps such as eHarmony, OkCupid, and Tinder. While these do have rudimentary features, it is largely a hands-off approach to matchmaking. Then, you have the more personalized method where there are individuals who are assigned to your case and work more diligently at finding you an appropriate  partner.

Niches in the  Business

There are some people such as Emily Lyons who have tailored this experience even further with her Toronto matchmaking company. Here, she caters to the successful business individuals and entrepreneurs. These are the people who have busy schedules and companies to run, leaving little time for dating. Lyons uses thorough and personalized techniques to ensure that she finds the perfect match for each  person.

She is not alone – more and more people are coming up with such customized options. There is a great deal of accomplishment to be had with this approach. By tailoring this type of business, people are much more likely to give their clients precisely what they are looking for. Not only is this a recipe for success but it also puts such businesses ahead of the curve. In particular, it makes them much more desirable than typical dating apps. This is because the clients are treated to an experience that is much more guided, not to mention  accurate.

When you look at it from this point of view, it is easy to see why this business idea has taken ahold in the industry. It is clearly not going away anytime  soon.

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